Lau Wang Claypot 老王, Serangoon

Lau Wang Serangoon
A brisk 10-minute walk from Nex, Lau Wang dominates the entire kopitiam. It serves food in… wait for it… claypots! The food was comforting, especially on cold days. Rice drenched in sauce was so shiok I could have eaten 3 bowls of it.

Lau Wang Singapore - Sesame Oil Chicken
The sesame oil chicken ($4.50/$6.50) and herbal frog leg soup ($8/$15) are the specialities but we tried a variety and they all could be specialities. While the sesame oil chicken wasn’t fragrant enough, the thigh meat was Q. The frog soup was light but flavorful.

Lau Wang Claypot Sg - Liver
The sauce for the ginger & spring onion kidney and liver ($4.50/$6.50) was my favorite, fatty on rice. Liver was cooked gently, not over-cooked, but the kidney was smelly. The gong bao sliced fish ($4.50/$6.50) used sheng yu (snakefish) and, like the chicken, had a nice bite. Only the eggplant ($4.50/$6.50) was a let down, oily and mushy.

Lao Wang Claypot Singapore - Gong Bao Fish
Gong Bao Fish

Two areas for improvement were that (1) there was excessive sauce in all the dishes, drowning the main ingredients. The sauces tasted similar to one another. For example, there was little spiciness in gong bao fish, little ginger in ginger onion liver, and no fragrance in sesame chicken, the sauces didn’t express the quality for what it was named after; (2) except for the chicken, there were too little ingredients in the claypots. 

Lau Wang - Claypot Eggplant

Still, I left satisfied and thought it was worth the walk from Nex. If you find Nex too crowded for meals, this is a good alternative.

Lau Wang Claypot Delights

263 Serangoon Central Dr #01-43 Singapore 550263
T: 9001 0814

Rating: 3.000/5 stars

Thanks, Mark, for the invite.

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  1. Have any one tried Ah Pang Steamboat Seafood at Mei Ling Street? The soup base is so far the best that I have tried & their zi char is equally mouth watering good! Closed on Tue & Wed.


  2. If u want old authentic great taste, than you should go try Ah Pang steamboat. Great soup is the ultimate priority for a good steamboat eating experience and Ah Pang Steamboat delivers it 100%!
    159 Mei Ling Street Food Center. #02. Tel 64768158. Closed on Tuesday.


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