Mikuni, Fairmont

Mikuni Singapore
Lazy to look at the a la carte menu, my BFF and I each had the Mikuni Grand Tasting Tour Course ($220+), consisting 9 courses.

Mikuni Restaurant - Squid & Kyushu Tomato

In order, the 9 courses were:
-Miso-marinated squid and Kyushu tomato (pictured above)
-A miso soup with hair-like strands of Kyushu seaweed and Hokkaido sea urchin
-Assorted sashimi (yellowtail, tuna belly and something, pictured below)
-Ayu Shioyaki (fish grilled with sweet) with shiso ponzu sauce & sweet potato
-Tempura sea eel with 3 flavored salts (sakura, greentea and something)
-Osaka-styled mackerel sushi
-Kagoshima Kurobuta pork with Hokkaido mash potato and daikon
-Nagoya-styled udon (basically a zha jiang mian)
-Green tea creme brulee with mango-and-passionfruit ice cream

Mikuni Swissotel - Assorted Sashimi
Assorted Sashimi

There were some excellent dishes; some “good but…” dishes; and one truly bad dish. The excellent dishes: (a) The light miso soup with hair-like strands of Kyushu seaweed and dices of Hokkaido sea urchin was a surprise win: light, appetizing and an innovative use of sea urchin. Drinking it was like smelling the sea breeze.

Mikuni Fairmont - Tempura Eel
Tempura sea eel

(b) We didn’t know if the vegetables from various dishes were processed or natural but they were delicious: the Kyushu tomato was like an extremely juicy cherry with a nice balance of tomato acidity. The sweet potato was lighter and less dense than usual. And the Hokkaido mashed potato was silky and even better than the famed mashed at Joel Robuchon.

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant - Sabo Hako Sushi
Osaka-styled mackerel sushi

(c) The last excellent dish was our favorite, Nagoya-styled udon. Basically a zha jiang mian, the ingredients had a smokey, pleasing aroma. We were 90% sure that the udon was handmade by the restaurant because it was unique, smooth and ductile and had a very nice almost imperceptible sweetness.

Mikuni Restaurant Singapore - Kurobuta Pork
Kagoshima Kurobuta pork with Hokkaido mash potato and daikon

The “Good but…” Dishes: Almost all other dishes were “good but…” For example, the kurobuta pork (above) was very tasty but wasn’t tender. The assorted sashimi had the most heavenly tuna belly (must eat!!) but the other two selections were flat. The 3 flavored salts (sakura, greentea and something) added different flavors to the tempura sea eel but good tempura shouldn’t be as oily as this one.

There was one bad dish: Osaka-styled mackerel sushi. The potent vinegar in it may be an acquired taste but the mackerel had a fishy stench we didn’t like.

Mikuni - Udon

Ambience: I was surprised and slightly disappointed to see that the restaurant was so huge because for fine-dining restaurants I prefer the setting to be intimate.

Service: Perhaps because of the size of the restaurant, we couldn’t get the attention of the servers at times. And the servers seemed in a hurry because before we finished our food, they asked if they could clear it. When my BFF finished his, they cleared his plate while I was still eating. A fine-dining restaurant should never do that, they should wait for everyone to finish and clear the plates at once.

We should have paid $515 for two but my BFF has the Raffles card, which gave us 50% discount at $258 for two. We both agreed that we were only willing to pay $100-$120 for one person. So if we were to pay full price, we didn’t think it was worth it. Since we paid the discounted price, we thought it was ok.

Mikuni Singapore

80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Hotel, Singapore 189560
Mikuni Menu
T: 6431 6156

Rating: 2.925/5 stars

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