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Best Food in Singapore and Best Travel 2013

2013 has been a great year for us. We ate at about 200 eateries and traveled to Penang, Jakarta, Sydney, Melbourne, Taiwan and South Korea. We were finalist for Singapore Blog Awards, appeared on Suria, interviewed on inaugural issue of Yess.Im, contributed to Asia Rooms, named Best 5 Singapore Food Blogs by Hotel Club, 5 Best Food Blogs in Asia by Asia Rooms and mentioned by New York Post. Thank you for those who make these things happen and thank you to those who get us.

Thank you, Chiobu and Huccalily, for contributing and sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank you to all the PRs for your hospitality, and sorry if our honest reviews make it difficult for you to answer to your bosses. Thank you to kind and generous blogger-friends, especially Sg Food on Foot, and Pinky Piggu.

A note on this list: these are the restaurants we tried this year, not restaurants that are opened this year. The nominees represent the best in their categories. We try to avoid putting “Top Ten Eateries” in other categories, but if we do, it means the restaurant deserves the recognition.  

Top Ten Restaurants in Singapore 2013

10. Tim Ho Wan (Plaza Singapura and Toa Payoh)
Everybody has been asking the wrong question: nothing is worth a 2-hour queue because time is irretrievable. The correct question to ask is: “If you have to queue 2 hours for dim sum, which restaurant would you choose? How does THW compare to other dim sum restaurants in Singapore?” My answer is: THW has changed the dim sum scene forever in Singapore. For any dim sum restaurant I go, I compare them to THW and THW always emerges on top for the simplest reason: in most restaurants in Singapore, dim sum is made in advance and reheated when customers order. But at THW, everything is made fresh upon ordering.

Candlenut Restaurant - babi pongteh
9. Candlenut
Homeboy Malcolm Lee turn-soil-to-return (卷土重来) with Version 2.0 of the restaurant. Modern cooking methods, traditional Peranakan recipes, full of heart.

Hide Yamamoto MBS - Chef Sho Naganuma

8. Izy
Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, who worked 5 years at Waku Ghin, strikes out on his own. The wagyu beef bowl and kaarage are unforgettable. I still dream of them.

7. Trattoria Gallo D’oro
Simple and rustic. Tastes like home, if I were Italian.

6. Hide Yamamoto
Yandao chef Sho Naganuma (pictured right), protege of Chef Hide Yamamoto, runs this overseas outlet and serves one of the best grilled chicken with truffle in Singapore–rustic yet refined. 

5. Hinoki Japanese Restaurant
The colorful Masterchef Santaro Li, who has served PM Lee Hsieng Loong and late President Ong Teng Cheong, doesn’t serve his Japanese cuisine subtle: it is heavy-handed at times but I like it that way. 

Magosaburo Singapore
Another yandao chef, Takatsuki Toshiki. This must be the most exquisite yakiniku (grilled) beef in Singapore.

Burnt Ends Singapore - Onglet
3. Burnt Ends
Sexy Australian Chef David Pynt brings a new concept to Singapore: wood-fired oven and grill. Food is smokey, aromatic, primitive, sealed in its natural flavors. One of the few restaurants I’d return again and again and again.

2. Binomio
Under the tutelage of the late three Michelin-starred chef Santi Santamaria for ten years, Chef Jose Alonso opens Binomio, focusing on northern Spanish cuisine, and the La Rioja region. If there is a restaurant in Singapore that deserves Michelin stars, this is it.

Ezoca Singapore - Omi beef Tenderloin
1. Ezoca Japanese Restaurant
While the food is excellent, what makes this restaurant #1 is the experience: I was in an instagram fantasy.

Most Popular Entry of the Year

Compliments of Little India - Latte
Best Cafes in Singapore Part II

Best Budget Eats ($0-$20)

Balai Kainan – WINNER
Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint
Pot Shop Boys
Soi Thai Kitchen

Best Mid-Range Asian Restaurant ($15-$30)

Siam Society
The Sushi Bar

Tim Ho Wan (Plaza Singapura and Toa Payoh)
Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ – WINNER

Best Mid-Range Western Restaurant ($20-$50)

Foodbar Dada (closed)
J’s Restaurant
Open Door Policy
Trattoria Gallo D’oro

Best Atas Restaurant (Above $60)

Burnt Ends – WINNER
In Italy

Best Newcomer

flying squirrel - chiroshi
Chiroshi from The Flying Squirrel

Black Swan

El Rocho’s
The Flying Squirrel – WINNER

Best Decor

Ocean Restaurant RWS Singapore

Forest 森
Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant
Ocean Restaurant – WINNER
Spathe Public House

Most Romantic Restaurant


Best Restaurant/Bar for Big Groups

Chop House
Hood Bar and Cafe

Pioneer Seafood Restaurant – WINNER
Yan Palace Restaurant 燕阁大酒楼

Best Service

Jamie’s Italian

Best Halal 

J’s Restaurant – WINNER
Madam Kwan’s
Pastilla Cafe
Straits Kitchen

Best Fusion

A Noodle Story Singapore
A Noodle Story

East 8
A Noodle Story
Steam Sia

Most Value For Money

Latin Quarter – WINNER
A Noodle Story

Quality Cafe
Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant

Best Bar

Barkode (closed) – WINNER
Cufflink Club
Spiffy Dapper

Best Afternoon Tea/ High Tea/ Brunch

The Kitchen Table Singapore - Tuna Tartar
Tuna tartar with lime sorbet in tom yam from The Kitchen Table

Common Man Coffee Roaster 
The Kitchen Table – WINNER
Taratata Bistrot

Best Buffet

Goki Day Korean BBQ Buffet
Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ
The Line – WINNER
Straits Kitchen

Best Vegetarian

Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant – WINNER
J’s Restaurant

Original Sin
Wrap and Roll

Best Dessert

Bull and Butcher
Compl(e)ments of

Best Cafe

eggs benedict - common man coffee roasters
Eggs benedict from Common Man

Common Man Coffee Roasters – WINNER
Department of Caffeine
Wheeler’s Yard

Best Event

One Night in Langkawi – Chef Sho Naganuma
SHATEC’s 30th Anniversary Menu at Recipes Restaurant

Best Singapore Attraction

Bukit Brown – WINNER
S. E. A. Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa

Best Staycation

Pan Pacific Singapore Lobby
Pan Pacific lobby

Pan Pacific – WINNER
St Regis
Studio M Hotel
Village Hotel Katong

Best Overseas Eat

Jakarta, Indonesia – Sate Khas Senayan 
Penang, Malaysia – Duck Kway Chap at Lebuh Kimberley Night Market
Seoul, Korea – Jinju Jip Oxtail Soup
Suwon, Korea – Yeonpo Galbi (Charcoal BBQ) – WINNER

Best Overseas Hotel

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan – Hotel Del Lago – WINNER
Tainan, Taiwan – Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza

Best Vacation

Great Ocean Road Melbourne Australia
Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
Penang, Malaysia
South Korea

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