Le Chasseur, Eunos

La Chasseur Singapore
A makan session with SG Food on Foot (Derrick), PinkyPiggu (Nicole), Gourmet Adventures and Chosen Glutton: we braved a torrential downpour and entered a place that looked like Malaysia even though the kopitiam is just 10 minutes’ walk from Eunos MRT.

La Chasseur Eunos - claypot rice
When we were there, many specialities such as salted duck soup and prawns were unavailable and we made do. Derrick observed that the claypot rice (big $20), their specialty, uses long grain, and was fantastic. As for me, I think it was so-so but I’ve to explain. I’ve eaten at many famous claypot rice shops, and I feel that claypot rice is claypot rice, hard to go wrong but hard to be good. The only claypot rice that left an impression was the ABC market one (I heard they moved?). So I’m a critical judge Simon Cowell of the claypot rice world.

La chasseur menu - coffee spare ribs
Most of the other dishes were better than the average cze char stall. The pork stomach soup ($16) was kickass peppery, the way I like it. Although there wasn’t a taste of coffee in the coffee spare ribs ($15), it was succulent and finger-lickin’ good. The sambal kangkong ($5.50) was fierce, lovin’ the kick. The otah omelette ($6) wasn’t so good when it was cooled but still unique. The ngor hiang ($5) was very well flavored, with crackling skin.

La Chasseur review - ngor hiang

The two dishes that I didn’t quite enjoy were (a) the beautiful and costly BBQ cuttlefish ($21). Coated with a sweet sauce reminiscent of those Indonesian sauce, it was chewy and overcooked; (b) Black vinegar pork ($10) was a tad tough.
La Chasseur review - BBQ cuttlefish

The tau suan ($2.60) was a favorite among us, with the mung bean giving a bite to the gooey sugared water.

La Chasseur move - black vinegar pork

Derrick and Nicole had been to Le Chasseur at Clarke Quay before it moved to this current location. They felt sad that it used to be a proper restaurant, thriving with a long queue. Now, it’s at a desolated quiet kopitiam. But there is no need to be sad because the food was still good. However, the portions were small. Couldn’t they at least give us 5 ribs instead of 4, seeing that there were 5 of us? Perhaps because we food bloggers are trained to eat, as if eating were an Olympic sport, we were still hungry and unsatisfied after the meal. But the food was good and worth a visit for people living in the East. We paid $21 per person or $105 for five people.

Le Chasseur

27 Eunos Road 2, Singapore 409387
T: 6337 7677
daily: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30-9.30pm
Rating: 3.258/5 stars

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  1. It’s great to see you blog about this place, at least now there’s a recent post with the correct address! My friends & I went to the old location only to find that it has moved – what a bummer. Anyway, we finally made the special trek (from north side & west side of singapore) 3 weeks ago to try out the claypot rice. The best dish for me was the tau suan too, it was my 1st time eating tau suan that’s al dente!


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