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Kilo at pact singapore
This happened many months ago, I heard they renovated. Ms Atas wanted to introduce me this raw, zen joint and after I tried, I agreed with her: the food was fantastic, with great complexity.

Kilo at Pact Orchard -  avocado-wasabi tuna tartare
Avocado-wasabi tuna tartare

Kilo at Pact is a shop with 3 concepts: food, salon and fashion. We only ordered from the ‘To Share’ menu but there are also mains like pastas, sandwiches, and big plates. What I liked was the food was like opening a surprise present , they looked different the description on the menu.

Kilo at pact menu - quail eggs
Order these: avocado-wasabi tuna tartare ($20) was fresh enough to have a nice firm bite, with a complex creamy taste; crispy quail eggs ($8, pictured above) were interesting, a crispy tempura-like crust meets a smooth egg and slightly runny yolk. Eggplant donburi ($12) didn’t have rice, it was eggplant drizzled with donburi sauce (dashi+soy sauce), with a dollop of heavenly mascarpone cheese. Super delicious as eggplant soaked up the oily sauce. A pity spicy pork cubes ($12) is no longer on the menu; it was irresistible melt-in-your-mouth pork belly.

Kilo at Pact review - Eggplant donburi
Eggplant donburi

Kilo at Pact sg - spicy pork cubes
Spicy pork cubes

The okay item was raw’s seafood ceviche ($19, pictured below): tuna, salmon and octopus in thai lime-chilli dressing. It tasted like what the description stated: zesty but not as spectacular as other dishes.
Kilo at Pact Brunch - seafood ceviche

Their weakest area should be their dessert: the lemon cream tart ($7, below) tasted artificial, but they were smart enough to give two tarts. My theory is if the food is bad, give a pile of it so that customers will think it good value.
Kilo Pact Restaurant - Lemon tart

We spent a total of about $80 for two. While there are many atas restaurants that offer good value set lunches at about the same price, the complexity and exquisiteness of the food at Kilo@Pact is worth several visits.

Kilo@Pact Singapore

81 Orchard Rd #02-16/17/18/19 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
T: 6884 7560
Kilo at Pact Menu
Kilo at Pact Facebook
Rating: 3.479/5 stars

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