Su Korean Cuisine, Far East Plaza

So excited to see growing wet towels. There was a Korean bbq buffet but we took the set menu for 4 ($98+) which included 8 panchan (side dishes), seafood pancake, glass noodles, chicken, marinated short rib, pork collar, spicy seafood soup, and fruit dessert.

Su Korean BBQ Cuisine Far East
The panchan was quite original, like the lotus root soaked in a sweet sauce similar to chee cheong fun sauce.

Su Korean BBQ Cuisine Singapore

Su Korean BBQ Cuisine Sg
In general, the food was not bad but the winning factor was there was a LOT OF FOOD. Very filling. The meats were good, especially the short rib, well marinated.

Su Korean Cuisine Orchard Buffet Price
The only thing we didn’t like was the glass noodles, so salty the Dead Sea was alive compared to it. But the server, who overheard our conversation when barbecuing our food, automatically offered to get us a new plate. The new plate was as salty, hilarious. But the service was good.

Su Korean Cuisine Menu
While the food was delicious, the quality of ingredients could be improved. But overall, the food was value for money and a good option to eat cheap Korean food in town. There were a Korean manager and Korean patrons in the restaurant, attesting that it was an okay restaurant.

Su Korean Cuisine Buffet Price
Lunch $29 (adult), $16 (child)
Dinner $35, $19

Su Korean Cuisine Singapore 

14 Scotts Rd, #01-21 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
T: 6235 0420
Rating: 3.105/5 stars

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