Ramen Bar Suzuki, Boat Quay

Suzuki Ramen Sg
Suzuki Ramen offers free-flow unlimited hard-boiled eggs, steamed rice, bean sprouts, and potato salad or cabbage. You can customize your ramen to the degree of hardness of noodles, oiliness of broth, etc. You can also select the chashu: shoulder-loin (less flavorful, less fat) or belly (more flavorful, more fat). Remember to write it on your order sheet.

The Hakata-styled ramen has very thin noodles, easily cooked for busy Japanese salarymen. Because it is thin, it gets soggy quickly–time to train your eating speed and burn your tongue! Fun.

Suzuki Ramen Raffles Place
There are different broths: the usual white tonkotsu (pork broth); jet black (squid ink and garlic, their speciality); cardinal red (spicy miso and pork); emerald green (basil and cheese); and sakura pink (prawn).

I had their specialty, jet black ramen, and although all aspects–broth, noodles, chashu–were done nicely, they didn’t add up to give a shiok umami feeling that ramen gives me. The egg was too hard-boiled. Overall, it was so-so to me. Tonkotsu King, Keisuke Tokyo and Marutama remain my top 3 favorite ramen in Singapore.
Suzuki Ramen Singapore

A queue starts at 12pm and 6pm (for lunch and dinner) but since this is an eat-and-leave place with about 30 seats, you can skip the queue if you come later. A second outlet at 17 Stanley St.

I spent about $20 for a bowl of ramen with additional egg.

Ramen Bar Suzuki Singapore

61 Circular Road #01-01 Singapore 049415
M-Th 11am-3pm, 6-10pm; Fri 11am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm; Sat 11.30-3pm, 6-10pm
Cash only
Rating: 3.105/5 stars

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