L’espresso, Goodwood Park Hotel: Celebrity Spotting & High Tea-ing Since 1968

L'espresso goodwood park high tea review
When I partake high tea at Goodwood Park, it’s usually at Coffee Lounge, which sometimes requires reservation 2 weeks in advance. My first time at L’espresso had been pleasant, accompanied by tables of Japanese taitais. I even spotted 3 famous people: a TV calefare, MP Vivian Balakrisnan (that sexy silver fox), and film director Eric Khoo whose family owns the hotel. This was the second time I ran into Eric. Hey Eric! Haven’t you noticed my X factor??? Do I need to walk by you the 3rd time and pretend it’s the first? I can be your Lame May Heh, or your Mee Pok Man Part II: Mee Kia Man.

L'espresso goodwood park high tea priceThe difference between Coffee Lounge and L’espresso is that the former serves mains (teochew porridge or local hawker fare, which are pretty decent) and has durian desserts as buffet. L’espresso, established since 1968 (finally, a place older than me), has an afternoon tea buffet (no durian) and has recently added new items: new antipasti, pastries and a chocolate corner.

l'espresso singapore high tea time
I ATE EVERY DISH. I started with some antipasti, ham, salami, and duck rillette. I try to avoid carbs but it was a tasting so I had some delicious sandwiches and croissants. So delicious my tummy thanked me.

l'espresso sg

Moved onto the hot dishes, shepherd’s pie, lasagna, stewed kurobuta pork, and hot smoked salmon with herbs and breadcrumbs, a new dish, which was a little dry. The dishes I returned for seconds were fried: mini fish goujons with goma dressing, chicken karaage, and breaded shrimp. Tasty, thinly battered, and meaty.

goodwood park brunch
The freshly baked scones were dense but not heavy, especially fantastic with (I assume, homemade?) Devonshire clotted cream, and jams, jams that didn’t compromise the integrity of the fruits, that you can see chunks of fruits in them.

l'espresso price
After scones, I dipped some fruits in the chocolate fountain to pretend I was eating healthily. Hey, I tried, don’t judge (unless you’re my trainer. I hope he’s not reading).

L'espresso orchard

l'espresso champagne high tea
Dessert time: I wanted to take only some, but they either were so pretty, some with gold foil (my favorite color), or had interesting ingredients, so I took them all, I’m fair. I recommend the panna cotta with a light orange aroma,  passionfruit meringue tartlet, and hazelnut mousse praline.  What am I saying? This is a buffet. Take them, take them all!

L'espresso singapore
When I compare L’espresso to Rose Veranda at Shangri La, Veranda is more luxurious, more private, and has service better than Singapore Airlines’ flight attendants. But L’espresso offers a wider spread, which is, to me, more delicious. As a consumer, I think it is best to rotate high tea between Rose Veranda, L’espresso, and Coffee Lounge. I don’t return to many places but L’espresso is a place I’d gladly return.

L’espresso High Tea Price

$45 (adults); $22.50 (child) with 2 servings of TWG tea or coffee.
$65 (adults) with a glass of Laurent-Perrier champagne and 2 servings of TWG tea or coffee.


22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel lobby, Singapore 228221
T: 6730 1743 (Reservations highly encouraged. It was packed when I was there.)
English Afternoon Tea Buffet: M-Th 2-5.30pm; F-Sun & PH 12-2.30pm (1st seating), 3-5.30pm (2nd)
Rating: 3.256/5 stars

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ps: Thanks, Noelle, and Goodwood Park for the invite.

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