Farm To Table Cafe, Duxton: A Misleading Name

Farm to Table Cafe Singapore review
The true mark of a civilized society is how we treat our underprivileged. Which is why I support farm to table movement. The community-based movement allows fair trade, meaning farmers get fair profit, not shortchanged. The main purpose I went to Farm To Table Cafe was because of my support for (usually local) farmers. But when I was there, the wait staff informed that it is no longer a farm to table concept because they have problems with suppliers. Cannot like that lah. If you call yourself Farm to Table Cafe, you have to live up to the name. Otherwise, customers cannot trust you.

Farm to Table Cafe Duxton menu
The menu is short, just a page long, but the food was decent. The photogenic Farmer’s Burger ($18, change normal fries to truffle fries +$4, add avocado +$2) required salt, required much more mayo, and had too thick buns. Thick buns are no longer fashionable lah unless you’re Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. But as a whole, the grass fed beef patty was juicy enough to nudge the burger into a passing grade. But skip the tasteless chunky truffle fries, and truffle fries should always be shoestring for best effect.

Farm to Table Cafe The Duxton price
The open faced chicken sandwich ($14) was much better. I liked that they used cubes of chicken breast–healthier–which was tossed in homemade herb mayo. The sour dough bread was hard, which I liked, and which is the way angmohs like it.

Farm to Table singaporeThe food here is catered to angmohs’ tastebuds, which means the food is mild, polite, and often has bite–all the things locals may not like. I didn’t mind it so much, because at least they have a kitchen to cook food. I don’t understand why people go to cafes that cater pastries and food from elsewhere. *cough Tian Kee*. But what I minded was the misleading name of the cafe.

farm to table cafe sg
The coffee ($5-$6) was exceptional: nutty, chocolatey, with a fruity fragrance. The space was quiet, beautiful, and classy with a few quirky elements like chairs with faces on them; but please no more hanged bicycles. What is it with hipsters and bicycles? This is the fourth cafe I visited with hanged bicycles. The food was acceptable, but really, work on an amicable agreement with farmers to fulfill the promise made to customers by the name of the cafe. If not, change the name.

They have a promotion that if you post a photo on instagram, you get 10% off. We did, and after 10%, we paid $44 for two. Objectively, the cafe is slightly better than most cafes, but subjectively, I was comfortable at the cafe, and would hang out here regularly.

Farm to Table Cafe 

83 Duxton Road, The Duxton, Singapore 089540
T: 6227 7678
M-Sat: 7.30am-10.30pm, Sun: 7.30am-5pm
Rating: 3.188/5 stars

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