7th Mile Seafood, Toh Yi Drive: A Different Kind of Cze Char

7th mile seafood singapore review
This year, I’m crabs’ nemesis, eating crabs after crabs. 7th Mile Seafood’s crab beehoon (market price) was neither wet nor dry: it was moist, and a bit too nuah for me. The beehoon was stir-fried with butter and crab, so there were bits of crab shell. The crab itself was lightly steamed, a natural taste, refreshing.

7th mile seafood upper bukit timah price
What I liked about the cze char  was that there were both heavy-handed and light dishes on the menu, so if you pick correctly, you can have a good balance.

7th mile seafood toh yi drive menu
For example, the har cheong gai (prawn-paste chicken $8/$12/$16) and 7th Mile pork ribs ($16/$24/$30) were marinated throughly. The ribs had burnt ends, but might be too salty.

7th mile seafood sg
The light dishes included steamed garlic prawns ($18/$25/$32) and steamed garlic sotong (below, $18/$25). In both dishes, the garlic didn’t come across strongly, so you can still kiss your partner after the meal. Like the crab, the prawns were steamed in its own flavor, drizzled in a (tasted-like) diluted teriyaki sauce. The sotong in butter and fish sauce had a nice bite.

7th mile seafood clementi road
One dish I’d advise not to order is heh zhou. Came as gigantic balls, but didn’t taste like heh zhou.

7th Mile possessed a style different from other cze char stalls: it tended to let seafood speak for themselves, without much flavoring. But the danger it ran was the seafood might be too subtle, light, and even bland for some. The price could be reduced. If you prefer something light, perhaps this cze char may suit you.

7th Mile Seafood

Blk 18, Toh Yi Drive, 7th Mile Coffee Shop #01-17, Singapore 590018
T: 6466 0833
Cze Char: 2.45-10.45pm
Rating: 2.908/5 stars

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ps: Thanks Ken for the invite.

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