Permanently Closed: Century Village Fish Head Steamboat 世纪村, Bedok: One of the Best Cze Char

century village eating house bedok
Located in an industrial park, the fish head steamboat bears the same name as the kopitiam, Century Village Eating House. I was uncomfortable with bibical quotes plastered on the walls–don’t force religion on others, man–and I chose to look away.

Century Village Fishhead steamboat Singapore review
The service was friendly but pushy, recommending us this and that, and when we wanted item A, the server said, “So I’ll get you Item B.” But I insisted firmly but gently with my choice. Another thing I don’t understand is the random additional of taxes. I thought only businesses with more than 1 million turnover can tax?

century village steamboat bedok
The food, however, was worth the initial misgivings. The fish head steamboat ($25), flamed by charcoal, was sweet from yam and natural flavor of the fish, with an excitement of sour plum and salted fish. Little fish meat though. The sambal kangkong with cuttlefish ($10) had a kick but with a buttery sweetness–a rather unique and delicious take.

century village seafood fishhead steamboat bedok
Besides the steamboat and sambal kangkong, another must-order was salted egg yolk sotong (金沙苏东, $12). Salty, crispy, slightly spicy, a bold taste of salted egg yolk with a sweet aftertaste. There were bits of salted yolk, like those bits at Long John Silver, so delicious!

Century Village Fish head steamboat menu
We also had two other specialties: beer spare-ribs (啤酒排骨, $10) was tender, and there was a fragrance of beer, with an unusual hint of sweet chili; and tofu with crab meat (蟹肉豆腐, $12), a plain dish but executed well, with wok hei. But where was the crab meat?

Century VIllage Bedok price
The shifu‘s skills is level 999. Everything was delicious and tasty, spot-on and different. One of the best cze char I’ve eaten. If I ever open a restaurant, I want to poach the shifu. Including rice and a fruit juice each, four of us spent about $22 each. Highly recommended. (Tip: for fruit juice, go for guava-sour plum or pineapple-honey.)

Century Village Seafood Fish Head Steamboat 世纪村海鲜鱼头炉

Blk 3014, Bedok Industrial Park E, #01-2152, Singapore 489980
T: 6445 0972/ 6444 7977
Rating: 3.125/5 stars (A freak score, should have gotten higher. The food is a 9/10 but other factors pulled down the average.)

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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  1. This place has sadly closed its doors after many years. From my parents, I heard that it used to serve good steamboat restaurant a long time ago. But when I ate there, just a year ago, it was not as good as it used to be. This is only regarding the steamboat.

    I think it is a bit harsh to comment on writing about “don’t force religion on others”. I agree that it can be a bit alarming for non-believers as the text is huge… But come on… there are so many altars from other religions at coffee shops also, so I don’t think putting some harmless texts can force religion on others…


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