Artistry, Jalan Pinang: Art Galley cum Cafe, Surprisingly Unpretentious

Artistry Cafe singapore review
A lovely mural a street away from the art galley cum cafe, which was surprisingly unpretentious, not snotty, and packed. A long, rustic communal table inside, some al fresco seats. Felt very relaxed.

artistry cafe arab street
My creamy salmon linguine ($16) came piping hot, but the salmon was in shreds. The sauce was a spicy cream. Not too bad.

artistry cafe sg price
My picky friend didn’t complain about her cranberry turkey and parma ham sandwich ($12), and she finished it, so that was a good sign.

artistry cafe bugis menu
We upsized the waffles ($6) to the maximum (+$6 two scoops of ice cream, +$3 berry compote), totaling to $15. The deck of waffle tasted like it was taken out of a box, the ones you got from supermarket, but the rich ice cream and delicious compote covered the cardboard taste, so it turned out ok. Should have gone for the cakes displayed at the counter.

Artistry cafe brunch
Liberty beans. Flat white ($5) – acidic, bitter, nutty and chocolatey, but I don’t like the bitterness. Nice latte art.

Minimal contact with staff. You order at counter, they deliver.

Pros and Cons: +/-Roadside parking free after 5pm (M-Sat), and the whole of Sun, but limited lots. I usually don’t bother looking for a lot, and park at Golden Landmark Hotel.
+Can look at art at the same time.

$53 for two persons, no GST, no service charge

Artistry Cafe

17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149
T: 6298 2420
T-Sun: 10am-7pm
Rating: 3.219/5

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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