Crusty Oven, Bishan: Love Your Curves and All Your Edges, Your Perfect Imperfections

Crusty Oven is a takeaway tart shop, opened by primary school classmates Noel Yu and Marcus Aw, who trained at Drips Cafe, and Dough and Grains.

Crusty Oven Singapore review
What makes a great tart? One, the balance of the filling (or is it feeling?), and two, the tart shell. A good tart shell must be brittle and thin, but not crumbly and dry. And Crusty Oven’s shells are excellent: they break cleanly, and aren’t soggy.

With this criteria in mind (balanced filling, and good shells), the small individual tarts fared better than the big tarts that come in slices. My favorite was the sea salt caramel dark chocolate tart ($4.50), intense, sexy, and mysterious–you can taste all the flavors distinctly. The fresh fruit tart ($3.20) was a delightful contrast to the previous tart, light, bright, and clean. The other small tarts I tasted, including blueberry cheese tart ($1.60), chocolate royale tart ($2.20), a tall chocolate cheese tart ($1.60), passed muster too.

Crusty Oven Cafe Bishan
The sliced tarts didn’t do as well. I thought they were doughy, and rather flat, especially the macadamia tart ($4.90). If you must, go for the slightly livelier brandied cherry tart ($4.90).

Besides tarts, the Japanese-styled cheesecake ($3.50), light and eggy, and cookies were better than the usual neighborhood confectionary. Choose the thinner, crispier, more balanced macadamia white chocolate cookie ($4.20) over a dull dark chocolate chip cookie ($3.80).

Crusty Oven

Blk 505A, Bishan St 11, #01-442 Singapore 571505
T: 8511 1005

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ps: Thanks, Noel, for the tarts and such.

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