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Bibo, Hong Kong: New French Restaurant Making A Splash

Bibo Hong Kong Review
Photo credit: Bibo Facebook

Helmed by Chef Mutaro Balde, who has worked at 3 Michelin-starred kitchens, Bibo is decorated quirkily with art from Banksy, Damien Hirst, JR, etc. BBF Paul reports:

If, on a weekend, you feel like eating, drinking, and looking to your heart’s content, I’d say, go to Bibo. Their weekend brunch at HKD650 is quite a steal – you get a four course meal, all tantalizingly presented, and a free flow of an assortment of drinks: fruit juices, tea, coffee, cocktails. Yes, free flow cocktails by Alexandre Chatté, all of which are pretty good. They also do have a gorgeous interior. Many great talking points if your company of mouths isn’t producing worthy conversations.

Bibo Hong Kong MenuThe uni and oyster – quite a standard in many places these days it seems – was luscious, creamy and swalty (sweet and salty – the kind of combination that the sea provides.)

Bibo Hong Kong PriceThis burrata salad is an elegant and beautiful medley of baby carrot, radish, zucchini, radicchio, asparagus, fennel and of course, burrata. The velvety burrata went well with the vegetables which were presented fresh – crisp, untouched. Though palatable, Chef Friend and I both thought some marinating or cooking of some of the vegetables would have offered more exquisite texture and flavor profiles.

Bibo Hong Kong Michelin StarThe egg and lobster dish was not only pretty, it was delicious. The perfectly poached egg oozed golden sunshine onto the plate and into my mouth. Hollandaise, lobster, truffle and egg – just eating this dish made me feel wealthy.

Bibo Hong KongThe sea bass was ok. Overcooked in some parts; undercooked in others. Pea puree and lobster foam didn’t complement each other as well as one would expect. Not terrible but we could’ve done without it.

IMG_20141011_023329Steak tartare. Don’t like. A bit funky. Always disgusting to me. Mr Bean doesn’t like it, neither do it.

bibo hong kong review

There’s also a wagyu burger with foie gras clipped by two fried buns. A lot of oil and fat – what’s there not to like? Inundatingly salty, juicy, heart-stopping richness exploding in the mouth right down to the belly. Only way to eat your way through a decadent Sunday afternoon.

main-entrance bibo (from tripadvisor)And on top of that, the drinks were excellent too. The Yuzu Cooler and Kalamansi Spritz were light (in taste not percentage in alcohol) and refreshing. I suggest glugging those with the burger or the lobster and egg. My favourite is the Viva la Revolucion – best had at the end of the meal because of its coffee infusion.

This place is like fine-dining but cheap and casual. Go because you won’t find something similar at this price-point in Singapore. Service is also considerably prompt and personal. If you’re free, go. If you’re having a bad day, go. If you’re done and have had enough of braised and roasted meats, noodles and rice, and want to rejuvenate your palate, go.

The entrance is hard to find. Very futuristic traditional. Maybe this photo (credit: Natalie Y on Tripadvisor) will illustrate what I mean.


Bibo Hong Kong

163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2956 3188
M-F 12-2.30pm, 6.30pm-midnight; Weekends 11.30am-3.30pm, 6.30pm-midnight

We paid for our own food.

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