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Good things must share! When I sign up for credit cards, I don’t care about their promotions or freebies. I look out for cash back. Money in my pocket is way better than spending money on promotions. Now my catering (facebook) offers you 5% cash back. So if you spend $1000, you get $50 back, and can use that $50 to eat 20 plates of chicken rice.

This is what you need to do to get your cash back:

my cateringStep 1: Order from caterers with the “5% Rebate” logo. You contact the caterer directly, and order from them directly. There is no need to tell the caterer that you’re getting a cash rebate.

Step 2: Forward your invoice, your bank name, your bank account number, and your name to my catering within 14 days by any one of these methods:
(a) take a clear photo of your invoice with your phone and SMS/ Whatsapp/ LINE/ WeChat to 8125 6388
(b) scan your invoice and email admin@mycatering.com.sg
(c) fax your invoice to 6238 0058

When my catering gets all your details, they will credit the rebate to your bank account within 5 working days. Super convenient and easy.

Capellini alla Bolognese from Fine Palate

At the time of writing, there are 15 partnering caterers. As more people get to know of my catering, the list of caterers will change and grow in the future. Check my catering for regular updates. Currently, these are the 15 caterers, covering a wide range of cuisines:

Casuarina Curry: Halal, Indian, Vegetarian
Chu Yi Kitchen: Chinese
Curry Pot Catering: Halal, Asian, International
Daily Catering Service: Halal, Asian
Ezb Pte Ltd: Halal, BBQ
Fine Palate Catering: Australian, Western, BBQ. (My review here.)
Friends Ally Catering (Amici): Halal, Italian, Western, Asian. (My review here.)
House of Catering: BBQ, Chinese.
Le Xin Catering: BBQ, Western, Vegetarian
Oh’s Farm Catering Service: Halal, Chinese
The Prata Place: Halal, Indian
Sakunthala’s Food Palace: Indian, Vegetarian, Halal
Tempat Makan Sha’s: Halal, Asian
Warung Lele Restaurant: Halal, Asian
Yeh Lai Siang Catering: Chinese

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