CLOSED PERMANENTLY: Wild Oats, Punggol Park: Celebrity Chef Willin Low’s Walk in the Park

Wild Oats Punggol Park Review
Having tried Burger Bench and Wild Rocket, I’m a fanboy of celebrity chef Willin Low. But when his Wild Oats were first sown in 2011, it didn’t receive good feedback. However, when I came to this hut, bathed in golden light, by the pond, the ambience was charmingly bucolic.

The lamb shank was completely infused with its flavors, one of the better lamb shanks around. The mashed was very buttery and smooth, and hence irresistible. I polished it. My friend’s pasta was equally able: al dente and evenly coated.

Wild Oats Singapore menu

I didn’t like the chendol but, not by any fault in execution, I put it down to preferences. It was earthly, slightly herbal and not sweet.

I do think Wild Oats need to revamp its menu and not sell food similar to the kopitiam in the block opposite the restaurant. After all, who will eat something for $20 when one can eat at $5?

But overall, this was a leisurely experience with good service, ambience and food. Perhaps because I didn’t queue like the first reviewers from the initial buzz, I thought Wild Oats is worth going.

Wild Oats @ Punggol Park

97 Hougang Ave 8, Punggol Park, Singapore 538792
T: 6858 2087
Sun-Th 4pm-12am, Fri 4pm-1am, Sat 4pm-2am
Rating: 3.667/5 

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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