CLOSED: Chotto Matte, Blair Road: Fabulous Kagoshima Pork at a Yakitori & Sushi Hole-in-the-Wall

EDIT: Chotto Matte has closed down.

chotto matte singapore reviewAlong the Peranakan-styled shophouses of gorgeous mosaic tiles on Blair Road, Chotto Matte (meaning “wait a moment”) is a cozy Japanese restaurant, specializing in yakitori, sushi, and sashimi, playing club music. Chef Roy Chee, former Executive head chef of Standing Sushi Bar, helms the kitchen. There is a good selection of sakes, Japanese whiskeys and cocktails. The eponymous named cocktail (citrus-flavored sake, Yamazaki 12-year, and egg white) was very likeable; deceptively easy to drink but under its sweet, tangy notes, a dangerous buzz.

chotto matte blair road reviewThere were more hits than misses that night. The yakitori was bold and masculine, smokey and kickass salty. Tebasaki (chicken wings, $3) were split for easy eating: skin crispy, moist inside. And pork was done especially well here. The salt brought out the full glory of flavors of fat in the Kagoshima toro belly (pork belly $5).

Another delicious pork dish was the one-meal Kagoshima pork belly don (on garlic fried rice, $35). Like the yakitori, the Hokkaido rice was bold with a heavy aroma of garlic and wok hei. If there were deep-fried garlic bits to add a contrast to the pork and rice, the dish might taste even better than it already was.

chotto matte Singapore priceThe third awesome pork dish was buta kakuni (traditional braised pork belly, $29). Pan fried first, and then braised in mirin, ginger, leeks for up to 6 hours, the fat was tender and not greasy nor jerlat. Felt as if it was calorie-free. The meat was a little tough and the dish was a tad sweet for me, but William enjoyed the sweet gravy.

chotto matte blair road priceShiro maguro carpaccio ($29, marinated American white tuna) and Dobinmushi ($16, seafood consomme)

chotto matte Singapore menuPork aside, the seafood is imported from Japan, Europe, and Americas. The sashimi (5 types $48, 7 for $68) was aged tastily, especially the tuna, which had hints of cherry. The scallop, however, was fishy.
chotto matte blair road menuAlthough a Japanese-imported filtration system magically changes Singapore’s hard water to something similar to spring water for cooking rice, the maki rolls, foie gras unagi ($28) and aburi salmon maki ($19, pictured above), were less impressive, and if you skip them, I won’t blame you.
Chotto Matte restaurant SingaporeIt was a full house that night, and while we had to chotto matte for our dishes, the meal ended delightfully with kuro goma yam ($15), hot crispy battered yam atop homemade black sesame ice cream. Will return for garlic fried rice, yakitori, and dessert.

Chotto Matte Singapore

54 Blair Road #01-01 Singapore 089954
T: 6222 8846
11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-midnight
Rating: 3.183/5 stars

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Thanks, Veron and Hsian Ming, for the invited tasting.

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