Doong Ji Korean Restaurant, East Coast: Umami-ness!

Wanted to order bbq short ribs but the confusing menu had me pointing to a short ribs glass noodles ($25). This fortunate happenstance forced me to eat something I wouldn’t order in the first place: it was delicious, meat that fell off the bone and the noodles, completely soaked up the ribs’ essence, packed with flavors, like MRT with people. Umami!

doong ji korean restaurant east coast review
Another dish that was umami was another soupy dish–I’d advise to pick either or–oxtail soup. Meat so tender in a broth full of lip-smacking gluey collagen. This rivaled any Chinese soups. These stews were so umami they were good even for hot days.

doong ji singapore menu
The other two dishes were good too, a spicy BBQ pork and seafood pancake, tasting as they should.

Service by an attentive and cheerful Korean boy who speaks English with a Singaporean accent. Although we were seated outside, he would notice us now and then.

doong ji korean marina parade price
Including drinks, we over-ordered and paid $84 for 2 and had to tabao half the food back. How do I differentiate good food from GOOD food? GOOD food at Doong Ji made me content with the world. Putin should have some.

Doong Ji Korean Restaurant

222 East Coast Road, Singapore 428919
T: 6345 4264
11.30am-2.30pm, 6-10pm
Rating: 3.438/5 Kim Soo Hyun

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