Rhubarb Le Restaurant, Duxton Hill: Zzzzz….

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Duxton Hill Review
Paul Longworth, former chef at Au Petit Salut, took the staff along with him when he set up Rhubarb Le Restaurant. Little wonder many things were smooth during our visit: the service had no hang-ups of new restaurants; the decor was impeccable; and the pricing wasn’t cut-throat.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Duxton Set Lunch Price Amuse bouche: roe in cone, too sweet for my liking

But unlike the critics’ glowing reviews–I read those reviews only after I visited and made up my mind about the restaurant–I found Rhubarb tired and unmemorable, something that had been done a thousand times, a million times, done to death. There wasn’t anything refreshing or edgy about the restaurant.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Singapore menu Starter: pork & pistachio ballotine. Tasted like a salty pate. Like that lor.

This is not to say the food wasn’t good; the food was not bad. As a starter, the white onion veloute was a play on the classic French onion soup–it was nice (shrugs) but one-dimensional.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Review Main: Lamb Rump

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Singapore Main: Norwegian ocean trout

For the mains, my favorite was the quail, aromatic and flavorful. The wagyu onglet ($52) was tender, and moist, but slightly rawer than the medium-rare I requested, upping its gooey factor. But I didn’t mind it. 

Rhubarb Le Restaurant Sg Dessert: Chocolate and cream

Desserts were their weakest link: all three we had weren’t bad, but they were easy, familiar, and not creative.

Rhubarb Le Restaurant SG Dessert:Sorbet and fruits

Objectively, everything was predictably competent and I give this restaurant an A-. Subjectively, I was bored by the end of the meal. (I admit I’ve the attention span of a goldfish, but still, I was irrevocably, undeniably, categorically bored.) In American Idol terms, the restaurant had chosen a safe song to sing. But if you sing the same old tired songs as others, if you don’t aim for the high notes, how can you expect to wow a blase audience? We paid $52 each for a 3-course lunch. Expect to pay $120 for a 3-course dinner.

Wait, what restaurant am I reviewing now? I don’t even remember. 

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

3 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089589
T: 8127 5001
M-F 11.45am-2.15pm, 6.30-10pm; Sat 6-10pm
Rating: 3.650/5 stars

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