Ju Chun Yuan 聚春园, Far East Square: $24 Weekend Dim Sum Buffet That Tastes Like $16.90

Ju Chun Yuan Singapore
Huccalily read about Ju Chun Yuan on some blogs with favorable reviews and off we went for their cheap dim sum buffet. Ju Chun Yuan is a joint venture between Far East Organization and Ju Chun Yuan in Fuzhou, which history goes back to 1865. This is the first outlet outside China.

Ju Chun Yuan dim sum buffet
Housed in former building of Chui Eng Free School, established in 1854, one of the first Chinese schools in Singapore to provide free education to the poor, there were not many items, I think about 20-30. The only good thing was the salted egg yolk bun, but even that was not as good as Mouth Restaurant’s.

Ju Chun Yuan review

Ju Chun Yuan Amoy Street

Ju Chun Yuan dim sum menu
At the end of the meal, when my friends asked me for my opinion, I mustered, “You get what you pay for. There is a table of botak army boys eating here, enough said.” The half-hearted dim sum wasn’t fresh, felt like it had been reheated. Never again.

Disappointing, given the prestigious background of the restaurant.

Ju Chun Yuan Dim Sum Buffet Price
$24 (adults), $16 (child)

Ju Chun Yuan 聚春园

130 Amoy Street, Far East Square #01-01 Singapore 049959
T: 6536 2655
12–2.30pm, 6–10.30pm daily
Dim sum buffet: 11.30am-3pm Sat & Sun
Rating: 2.875/5 stars

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  1. So because army boys are eating there it’s an automatic fail? Wow. Fuck your retarded shit name. Nathanael more like Neanderthal.


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