Club Meatballs, China Square Central: Pimp My 1-for-1 Balls

club meatballs singapore reviewWagyu beef and rosemary balls with onion & red wine sauce & mashed potato ($19.50)

By the same team behind The Lokal and Sarnies, Club Meatball invites you to pimp your balls:
(1) choose the type of meat of the balls from wagyu beef ($19.50) to Iberico pork ($19.50),
(2) then pick what you want to teabag your balls in, with sauces ranging from red wine to, if you like your balls musky, truffle mushroom, and
(3) finally what you want your balls to rest on, usually a carb like a rustic chunky mashed or homemade papadelle.

club meatballs china square reviewIberico pork and fennel with salsa verde & fresh papardelle ($19.50)

There are 5 types of meat for balls, 5 sauces, and 5 bases, which means you have 125 different combinations. The Entertainer App gives you 1-for-1 mains at Club Meatballs (as well as Sarnies and Lokal), so a plate of 5 meatballs gets you another plate of 5 meatballs. Phew, balls should always be in pairs, and now you’ve grown 5 pairs. The Entertainer saves the day, and I’ll save you money by giving you a 10% promo discount code 2015RERG to purchase the app, on top of the early bird discount ($60, UP $75, till 28 Feb).

club meatballs singapore price

club meatballs china square priceBesides balls as big as baby’s fist, Club Meatballs also serves delectable starters, which can also work as bar grub, finger food, to go with cocktails. As a man, I love the pulled pork sliders (3 for $13), and wagyu beef sliders (3 for $14). The meats have a shiok, masculine, primal bite, and the wagyu patties are pink inside.

club meatballs singapore menuSobrassada and gorgonzola bruschetta ($10.50)

Huccalyly prefers the dainty bruschetta. She claims the fruity one ($9), with mango, walnut, honey, and ricotta, has the WOW factor. It is sweet and moist at the top while the bread remains impossibly crispy and airy.

club meatballs china square menuRicotta, mango, walnuts and honey bruschetta ($9)

I have a predilection for sour desserts, and the two desserts we had hit the spot, ending the meal with light, refreshing notes.

club meatballs singaporeWhite chocolate cheesecake with almond crumble and berries ($12)

This bar/restaurant is best visited with a bunch of pals after work, the ambience sensuous, fun, and rife with possibilities. With The Entertainer app, you can gather your 5 friends here, and still have 1-for-1. Your friends will thank you for savings of their balls.

Club Meatballs Singapore

20 Cross Street #01-35 China Square Central, Singapore 048422
T: +65 6222 8660
M-Th 11am-12am, F 11am-1am, Sat 5pm-12am

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This is an advertorial for The Entertainer.

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