Revolution Coffee, Portsdown Road: Good But Costly For An Ulu Cafe

revolution coffee singapore menu
The road to Revolution Coffee is like a maze in a wuxia novel where the buildings shift and you find yourself lost — and lost again; even Google maps can’t find it. Either look out for the biggest gray building named Infinite Studios, or bring bread crumbs, Hansel and Gretel.

The industrial decor, with beer crates as tables, was uncannily similar to the Bravery Cafe, which opened a month after Revolution Coffee. I didn’t like the decor. Pretty, hipster, but it wasn’t functional. The tables and chairs were unstable, so be careful.

revolution cafe portsdown road
My eating companion and I had the hearty big breakfast each. He picked bacon, which was meaty, a better choice than my sausage. The scrambled eggs were beautiful, creamy and silky. The shiitake was laced with golden mushroom, delicious but greasy. The toast was rather fantastic: thick slice, about 1.5cm, that crunched like yakun toast.

revolution coffee sg address
To be named Revolution Coffee, I’d expect the coffee to turn my world upside down, like the rush of blood to the head on a yoga headstand. It didn’t, but nevertheless, it was still good coffee. The smooth kind, not the robust sort.

revolution cafe singapore menu
The worst thing we tried was their specialty sticky date pudding ($9.90), expensive, small, and stodgy. Might be one of the worst sticky date I have had.

Overall, this was a rather pleasant experience, one of the few cafes that served decent food and coffee. I lost the receipt but I think we spent about $64 for two. Costly for an ulu location.

How to Get to Revolution Coffee

1. Best to drive or cab. If you drive, you can park illegally along the road FOR FREE on weekends. (Why do car owners have money to buy cars but too cheapskate to pay parking?)

2. Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays, shuttle bus from One-North MRT, 8am-8pm. or Bus 191.

Revolution Coffee

21 Media Circle, #01-03A Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562
T: 6777 2110
M-F: 8am-5pm, Weekends: 9am-6pm
Rating: 3.225/5 stars

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  1. (Why do car owners have money to buy cars but too cheapskate to pay parking?

    add to that :

    a little walking hasn’t killed most peeps


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