1925 Microbrewery, Little India: When You Cross a Hipster with Craft Beers

1925 microbrewery little india reviewThe USP of 1925—which isn’t established in 1925—is that they brew their beers. Their Yellow Van is a light beer that has a hint of ginger: pleasing and distinct.

1925 microbrewery jalan besar review

1925 microbrewery Singapore reviewBut their food was just so-so. The pork belly ($18) in a sweet teriyaki-like sauce was so-so. Lamb rack ($25) came in a good portion: so-so. Grilled teriyaki chicken ($18), which had a similar sauce to the pork belly, so-so. Even the bacon didn’t lift the so-so beef burger ($24). Nothing was horrid; just lackluster and so-so.

1925 microbrewery jalan besar

1925 microbrewery little indiaWe spent $130 for 3 persons. This is more a bar, and less a restaurant, and we being eaters, not drinkers, couldn’t appreciate it fully. A small carpark available by the side, free after 5pm. 

The 1925 Singapore

369 Jalan Besar Singapore 208997
T: +65 6294 9215
M-Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 10am-10pm
Rating: 3/5  

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