Applying Visa to India

india flagAll non-Indian passport-holders must apply for visa to India. There are two methods for people living in Singapore:

1. Apply on Arrival:
Need to apply online 5-30 days before travel date. Details here. Application here.
Con: You need to wait in line at the Indian airport.


2. Visa in Advance Via Visa Agency (preferred method):
Firstly, fill in the form online.

Some tips on filling up the application form:
(a) Fill in the form when you’re depressed because the questionnaire is hilarious; it will cheer you up.
(b) The form is however rather enlightened. Under “Sex,” there is M/F/Transgender. Way to go, India!
(c) Under “Religion,” put “freethinker” if you’re agnostic.
(d) Under “Visible Identification Marks,” “devastatingly handsome” or “Gong Li lookalike” is NOT acceptable. If you’re not bald, or don’t have visible moles on your face, just put “NIL.”
(e) Under “Citizenship/ National ID No” put your NRIC number, not your passport number.
(f) You require the names of your father and mother, and the countries you visited in the past 10 years. I hope you eat your gingko regularly.
(g) Put “Tourist Visa 6 Months.” All tourist visas last 6 months even if you go for 2 hours.
(h) Under “Occupation,” do NOT put “Media.” If you do, then they will call you up for an interview.
(i) You have to provide details of a referee staying in India. If you don’t have, I guess you’ll have to ask for your hotel concierge’s name.
(j) Select submission to VFS Global.
(K) Do not pay online. The website demanded $83.03 but when I paid in cash only during my document submission, it was only $50. When paying, remember to opt out the SMS service ($3). If not, they will sms you even at 11.13pm: “Your application is sent to the High Commision.”
(l) If you don’t want to collect your visa personally, you can opt for courier service ($10).

After you fill up the form, print it. You need submit:
(a) the completed form
(b) your actual passport
(c) a photocopy of your passport
(d) a photocopy of your NRIC
(e) a recent photo (IMPT: This photo MUST be different from your passport photo.)

India Visa And Passport Application CentreYou can submit the documents to:
(1) India Visa And Passport Application Centre
64 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218354
Submission timing:
M-F: 24 hours, except 8pm-10pm
Weekends: 24 hours
Collection of Visa/Passport: 24 hours
(There is a photocopier and a photo booth at the Rangoon branch.)

(2) India Visa And Passport Application Centre
79 Anson Road # 15-02, Singapore 079906
Submission time: M-F 8am-2pm
T: +65 6226 0021

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