AEIOU Cafe, Jalan Besar: The Smell of Nostalgia is Sewage

AEIOU Cafe Jalan Besar reviewI was toying of titling this entry “Who wants to buy a vowel?” but the above one may be catchier. There is magic in the café, full of knickknacks from the past. We felt as if transported to another time. William asked, “Is the owner a karang guni?”

AEIOU Cafe little india menuAvocado Coffee ($8)

When we settled down, a waft of sewage stench assaulted us. The drainage was having problem at the back, but they couldn’t close the backdoor because air had to ventilate in the café. Air has to circulate because there is no air-con. At least the café is environmentally friendly.

AEIOU Cafe king george's ave price“The air smells really foul,” William groused.

Meng replied, “Just take 3 deep breaths, and then you’ll get used to the smell.”

AEIOU Cafe SIngapore But the food was good. The whole chicken ($22.90), baked a la minute, was worth the buck, and can be shared between 2 or 3 people. And it was delicious, juicy and tender. However, the Moolicious beef cheeks pasta ($24.90) was complicated. We thought it would be savory, but it turned out sweet. The pasta tasted like char kway teow, and the beef cheeks like sweet-vinegar ribs 糖醋排骨. What a strange pasta, sweet and sour.

AEIOU Cafe SGThe cakes are baked in-house, and there is no waffle in the café—good decision! The avocado cheesecake ($6.50) wasn’t bad, but crumbly.

As café culture in Singapore matures, the standard rises. And AEIOU is a result of the high standards. It is lovable, and magical, and every tiny detail is well-considered. I like this cafe, and opine it as one of the better cafes to open this year. We three persons paid about $62 or $64 (I lost the receipt). 


111A King George’s Ave, Singapore 208559
T: +65 6291 2698
Rating: 3.813/5

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