5 Little Monkeys Cafe, Kallang Ave: Eggs Benedict for Only $6.80!

5 little monkeys kallang pricePerched on the 11th floor of Pico Creative Centre, 5 Little Monkeys Café offers a panoramic view of the Kallang area and Singapore Sports Hub. The café occupies a huge area, half of an entire storey, including an al fresco section, great for corporate events. A private function room, where you can see fireworks on National Day, is available at $80 an hour. If you stand at the exact spot at the entrance of the café, you can see 5 little monkeys at different corners, drawn by artist Jana de Villiers.

5 little monkeys jalan besar menuPrivate room.

5 little monkeys cafe reviewBehind the artwork, there is a white wall for event screenings.

5 little monkeys cafe lavender reviewChef Patrick Goh, with 45 years of experience including at Holiday Inn, presents a menu that pleases both the Western and Asian palates at a really, really affordable price. For instance, egg benedict ($6.80) is 35% the price at other cafes. Besides affordability, another plus point is no pork is used in the kitchen.

5 little monkeys cafe singapore

5 little monkeys cafe SGFrom the Western side, the gourmet hamburger ($11.80) has patty that is minced by hand, and has a piquant, appetizing marinade, that William loves. The fish & chips ($9.80) is beautiful because of basa fish. This fish lives in a farm that mixes fresh and seawater, so it doesn’t have the muddy taste of freshwater fishes.

5 Little monkeys cafe pico creative centreWhat Chef Goh is really good at is the Asian and Peranakan dishes. The Hainanese chicken chop rice ($8.80) has a layer of delicious and addictive fat but isn’t greasy. Different from other places, the ayam buah keluak ($6.50, below) has black nuts stuffed with chicken, instead of the usual bean paste.

5 little monkeys cafe SG

5 little monkeys cafe SGHis two best Peranakan dishes are indubitably Nyonya assam pedas fish ($6.50, above), that has a fantastic secret blend of spice and tamarind, and sambal prawn with petai ($6.50, below). Both dishes go exceedingly well with rice.

5 little monkeys cafe Singapore

5 little monkeys cafe SGThe coffee ($3.50-$6) is no afterthought. Initially, the owners wanted to open just a coffee-and-cake café, so they did lots of research on coffee. Their house blend is made from 4 different types of beans, including Columbian and Brazilian. It is smooth, not bitter, with a medium acidity, which would suit most people.

5 little monkeys cafeBesides a good view, and comfortable space, the selling point of 5 Little Monkeys is its price point. At this price and with the extensive menu, lunch, including a drink, can cost around $10, which means people working nearby can come here 2 or 3 times a week without feeling broke or sian with the food.

5 Little Monkeys Cafe

20 Kallang Avenue, #11-00 Pico Creative Centre, Singapore 339411
T: +65 8533 9168
M-F 9.30am-7pm

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