Bari Uma Ramen, Tanglin Shopping Centre: One of the Most Under-rated Ramen in Singapore

Bariuma ramen tanglin reviewRamen Bari-uma originated from Hiroshima Japan with 60 outlets all over Japan. The first and second overseas outlets are in Singapore. Ever since I read SgFoodonFoot’s entry in 2013, I’ve been wanting to visit.

Bari-uma ramen singapore priceAnd it didn’t disappoint. The specialty bari-uma nori-tama ($16.90, with seaweed, onsen egg, and char siew) has pork broth that is boiled for 6 hours. Everything in the bowl was almost perfect. The noodles were springy throughout the ingestion. The soup was so tasty and wasn’t jerlat that I could finish the entire bowl. 

Bari-uma ramen orchard menuI said “almost perfect” because the egg was overcooked. I requested to change it, the wait staff did it willingly and courteously, and I got a perfect runny one. (By the way, the service was excellent, prompt and polite.)

Bari-uma ramen united square reviewThe chashu in my ramen was so fabulous that I had, had, had to order a plate of it ($9.90). So delicious, smokey, smooth, and tender. 

Bari-uma ramen thomson reviewWilliam aka Mr Fitness had the tori ramen ($10.90), chicken-flavored broth, which uses chicken only, for those who don’t eat pork. It was ok, but not as umami as the pork ramen.

We spent $47 for two persons. This is definitely one of my favorite ramens in Singapore, including Tonkotsu King, and Marutama. This place ought to be more popular, or perhaps for my own selfish purpose, it shouldn’t be popular so that I don’t need queue. 

Bari Uma Ramen

19 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Shopping Centre #B1-01/02, Singapore 247909
Second outlet at United Square
Tel: +65 6887 4484
Rating: 3.85/5

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