Lime House, Jiak Chuan Road: Bask In the Caribbean Limelight

limehouse singapore reviewIf it isn’t for the Entertainer App, that gives you 1-for-1 mains, I wouldn’t have known of the first and only Caribbean restaurant in Singapore, Lime House. To “lime,” in Trinidad and Tobago’s lingo, means to hang out with friends. The closest Singlish equivalent I could think of is “slack.”

lime house keong saik road priceSaheenas (curried split peas fritters, spiced tamarind sauce, $12)

“Eh, you wanna come my place and slack?”
“Eh, you wanna come my place and lime?”
Pretty cool word, huh?

limehouse outram menuCarribean fish cakes (capsicum, curried aioli, pineapple, mango salsa, $12)

Like the name suggests, going to Lime House is like going to someone’s house to hang out–a homely ambience. The menu is created by consultant Trinidadian chef Hasan DeFour.

lime house chinatown menuGin beef skewers ($16)

Like Singapore, the Caribbean was colonized, so the colonizers brought about their influences in the food. But what is most interesting to me is that 50% of Trinidad’s population consists Indians (brought by British colonization), hence you can find lots of Indian flavors in the food.

limehouse jiak chuan road Baby back ribs ($32)

For starters, I particularly liked the weekly special, gin beef skewers ($16), with a wicked hint of heat. The vegetarian saheenas ($12), that came with a tangy tamarind sauce, tasted like a breaded version of samosas.

limehouse singapore reviewSince Entertainer app gives you 1-for-1 mains, go crazy with this section of menu. Mr Fitness enjoyed the curry goat ($28, pictured above), which came with basmati rice. Although this dish is Indian-influenced, it is rather unique in that it had a more subtle and grainy texture to it, displaying how the Caribbean incorporates their own style into the food.

limehouse singaporeRed snapper escovitch ($28)

When I return the next time, I want to try the coffee jerk rubbed ribeye ($36) and jerk chicken ($28) because I eat jerks for dinner, and because I can eat more using Entertainer’s 1-for-1 mains.

limehouse singaporeMacaroni pie $6

limehouse singaporeBecause you save money for the mains, you can splurge on sides and desserts. For sides, go for the caramelized plantains ($5), which is a good palate cleanser between bites of savory food. A Trinidadian native told me macaroni pie ($6) is the ultimate Caribbean comfort food.

limehouse singaporeOnce you go black… Piton chocolate cake $12

limehouse SGFor desserts, I recommend the spiced banana cake ($12, above) with honey fig ice cream. The surface was crusty and dry which could absorb the melting ice cream.

lime house singaporeCoffee creme brulee ($12), Deconstructed pina colada ($12)

To sum up my Caribbean night, what is different about Caribbean food is that it is fully flavored and thoroughly marinated, with a pinch of heat. If you’re thinking of getting the Entertainer App to use at Lime House and other fantastic restaurants, you can get 10% discount using my discount code 2105RERG.

Lime House Singapore

2 Jiak Chuan Road Singapore 089260
T: +65 6222 3130
Tue-F 12pm-12am, Sat 3pm-12am, Sun 12pm-6pm

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This is an advertorial for the Entertainer.

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  1. I was very disappointed with two main dishes; the risotto and the vegetable stew. Both are under seasoned; tasted bland and besides, they are priced around $23++; not value for money given the small portions. The vegetable stew lacks gravy and punch.


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