Nassim Hill Bakery, Orchard: SCORE! Brunch for only $16/pax

nassim hill bakery bistro barSaturday. Wanted to picnic at Botanical Gardens but it rained. Detoured to brunch at the nearby Nassim Hill Bakery, because it had been on my wishlist for ages, and because it is on The Entertainer App.

nassim hill bakery reviewSurprised to find that the cafe was packed at 3pm in the afternoon. I asked the boyish waiter, Keith, what dishes were on the 1-for-1 mains for Entertainer. He replied, this section, that section, this section, that section.

Mr Fitness exclaimed, “WAH, so many choices.”

I shushed him, “You don’t say that in front of them. It’s like saying ‘wah so cheap’ and then they will go increase the price.”

nassim hill bakery brunchBecause Mr Fitness is a Virgo and he couldn’t make up his mind, and because I was hangry (hungry + angry) and impatient, I did the ordering. I make good choices. The double decker burger ($21) had thoroughly marinated and succulent patties, packed with herbs. The bun was sweet, adding a depth to the burger.

The skillet eggs shakshouka ($21), with chorizos, was tangy, sweet, and spicy. And the bread–crusty and soft–was perfect to dip in the tomato sauce.Nassim Hill cafe singapore

We already ordered a iced white coffee ($6). But we wanted desserts. Saw that they have a afternoon tea set (cake + drink, $8.95). We asked the manager if we could include the previously ordered coffee as part of the afternoon tea set, since we get headaches if we drink too much coffee. Manager acquiesced. Thank you!nassim hill review

Instead of over $60, we only paid $32 for two persons because of the Entertainer 1-for-1 mains, and because of the afternoon tea promotion. WIN! Look, Ma, I don’t spend money like water; I can save money, ok?

Many people have the misconception that Entertainer App has only fancy fine-dining restaurants. The app does have expensive restaurants, but it also has a list of many good cafes, suitable for weekly use. If you want to get the Entertainer App, this discount code 2015RERG gives you good lobang: 10% off the price of the app. Cafehoppers, you’re welcome.

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

56 Tanglin Rd, Tanglin Post Office #01-03 Singapore 247964
T: +65 6834 1128
T-Sun 8am-11pm

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

Full Disclosure: We went in anonymously as paying customers, and because we liked the cafe, we asked The Entertainer if we could count this review as part of the advertorial deal we have. The Entertainer agreed.

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