Pho Tai, Capitol Piazza: Pho Your Pleasure

pho tai singapore reviewNot all shops at Capitol Piazza were opened yet on our visit 2 weeks ago, but Pho Tai, Vietnamese restaurant at basement 2, is not bad at all. Many of the servers are elderly on our visit, which I admire because it’s giving them a second job after retirement.

pho tai capitol building menuThe menu is small but varied. All four items we tried were good. Order anything with the fish sauce: the fish sauce is umami max. For instance, with the fish sauce, the steamed rice pancake rolls (banh cuon, $7.80 3 pcs, above) with minced meat transformed from your Vietnamese chee cheong fun to something really delicious. Pour the fish sauce over the marinated pork vermicelli (heo bun, $12.80, below), and again, magic happens.

pho tai capital piazza price

Can’t find the combo in the beef combo pho (pho dac biet, $9.90, below); it consisted only beef slices, and maybe 2 pieces of tendons. But the broth was nice, and herbal.pho tai vietnamese capitol piazza

The dessert, banana coconut milk tapioca pearls (che chuoi, $4.30, below), came as a surprise; I expected it to be chilled but it was warm. Not too bad too.pho tai sg

I’ve been having cravings for Vietnamese food, and while Pho Tai didn’t manage to scratch my itch, the food was good. Can visit. We paid about $40.

Pho Tai Singapore

13 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza #B2-54, Singapore 178905
T: +65 6702 1181

Food: 6.75/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 6.75/10
Decor/ Ambience: 6/10
Rating: 3.313/5

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