The Daily Roundup @ The Working Capitol, Keong Saik: Crepes, and SPG Heaven

the daily roundup @ the working capitol singapore reviewWe have been to The Working Capitol, a working space, several times to work (because of free Wi-Fi, 2 electrical sockets, and cheap drinks) but didn’t feel the need to write about it because it didn’t serve savory food. What’s the point of writing about a cafe that gets its cakes from a supplier?

But now the Working Capitol has a new tenant, the Daily Roundup, and they sell crepes, both savory and sweet, and rather good crepes they were. I remember visiting a quaint French town and all the restaurants in the town sold only crepes. My memory may be inaccurate, but Working Capitol’s crepes were as good as the French town’s.

daily roundup singapore reviewThe savory crepes use buckwheat flour from Brittany. The complète ($12, above) is basically an adaptation of ham-egg-cheese sandwich: there were some parts that were way too salty, but for most areas, it was tasty. The Scottish smoked salmon ($14, below) with homemade crème fraîche was good value and wholesome.

the working capitol singapore reviewThe sweet crepe uses artisanal butter by Jean-Yves Bordier. The berries crepe ($12 + $4 ice cream, below) was more than satisfactory.

daily roundup @ Working capitol menuThe apple drummer ($8 + $4 ice cream, below), supplied by their sister restaurant, Black Swan, was super duper delicious, like the Chinese New Year’s pineapple tart, inside still steaming. At first, I was piqued that the ice cream cost so much, but when I ate it, it was top quality ice cream, absolutely worth its price. Besides, it is essential to add ice cream to an apple-tart-like dessert.

working capitol cafe singaporeThey don’t serve water here, because the cafe functions mostly as a working space, but the drinks are inexpensive and pretty delicious. Mineral water goes for $5/$8. The coffee by Papa Palheta was terrible on both occasions I had it: both cold brew and long black were sour as catpiss. They have cocktails (from $14), wines, and cold press juices, which was $5 the first time I was there but has increased to $7. I highly recommend the homemade ginger beer with honey ($7), which gingery heat burned all the way from my tongue to my stomach. Awesomeness.

What started off as a working space has evolved into one of the better cafes this year. The food, desserts, and drinks are superior. Besides, the patrons here are hot. A blond Chris O’Donnell lookalike in his very fitting sky-blue shirt, a bespectacled brunette with rather Asian features (might be mixed), and me. We belong together. Call me if you read this!

On that particular occasion when we had crepes and desserts, we spent $72 for 3 persons , or $24 for one. For other occasions, we only got drinks.

The Daily Roundup @ The Working Capitol

1 Keong Saik Rd, The Working Capitol, Singapore 089109
T: +65 6338 8035
M-F 9am-6pm

Value: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Decor/Ambience: 8/10
Rating: 3.938/5

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