Y U NO Download Free OpenSnap App by Open Rice: Interaction with Food Community

opensnap app by openrice singaporeI don’t download food apps so pardon my ignorance and enthusiasm for OpenSnap. It’s an amazing app. The app is so intuitive that the first time I used it, it was like fish taking to water. OpenSnap uses photos to search for more than 1 million restaurants across 8 Asian countries. If, like me, you have trouble finding where to eat in Singapore, Opensnap gives you access to the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore.

These are some of the features I like about OpenSnap:

opensnap singapore1. I love the internationality of it. You can choose your language. Even in China, you can use the app in Bahasa Indonesia. Now EVERYONE can use it.

Furthermore, you can search the food by country and region. This means that when you’re traveling, you can get access to the newest and best places to eat in other countries, rated mostly by locals. Traveling is about experience, and experience is to eat local food. I think you can really get to know a country’s culture by eating the local food.

This is how an app can unite users across borders.

opensnap sg2. You can choose to register a new account OR log in with your Facebook OR don’t even log in at all. You can browse without registration or logging in. For liberal individuals like me who value privacy, this is a great function!

3. No irritating ads!

opensnap sg4. Browse without typing! Because words are so over-rated, right? Just follow the photos using your thumb! (Ok, if you must, you can search using words too.)

openrice singapore5. Find (a) latest offers and deals, and (b) newest restaurants and cafes.

(a) In the risen standards of living in Singapore, everything is expensive. There is really no need to spend lots of money on food. And OpenSnap lists over 900 offers from 500 establishments. That means you can use it anywhere on the island. Just whip out your phones, bargain-hunters.

(b) If you’re hipster, use Opensnap. It gives you opportunities to show off on your knowledge of the coolest and most happening F&B outlets.

opensnap app6. You can search by location. If you don’t know what to eat at Orchard or Jurong or Woodlands, use the app.

7. You’re at a restaurant. You don’t know what to order. You ask servers, and the standard reply is “everything is delicious.” Here is how the app is useful: users take photos of food they eat and rate each individual dish, so it’s a mini-review. You’ll get to know what the popular dish and whether it is worth the calories.

In many ways, the community of users is more accurate than any print or blogger’s reviews. Print or blogger’s reviews depend on one person’s opinion, and sometimes chefs recognize journalists, giving them special treatment. But OpenSnap gives the opinions of a community of users, which will be more helpful.

opensnap sg8. This is my favorite feature of OpenSnap: you build your own photo album and can follow and interact with your fellow users. It’s kinda like instagram for food with additional feature of rating the dish. I’m sure foodies will come across friends who ask, “Why your ig feed all food one?” Now you don’t have to feel guilty about posting food photos.

For more info, visit OpenSnap.

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This entry is brought to you by OpenSnap.

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