Hyde & Co, Kampong Glam: Supporting Friends as Baristas of the Day

hyde and co singapore reviewI have the good fortune to meet two of my favorite instagrammers, @zippyzipeng (left) and @boywithhaemoglobin (center), at Food & Socialikes Connect (FSC). Found out that they would be barista-ing for a day at a cafe. When I was at the cafe, I ran into more igers who attended FSC! I’m beginning to believe that FSC is achieving its aim of bringing the social media community together.

hyde and co north bridge rd menuCoffee by in-house barista. Food styling in the above photo is completely done by the extremely talented and industrious visionary, @henrypehh, whom I met at FSC. Mr Fitness took the photo.

hyde and co cafe singapore priceEven when compared to the perfect latte art by the in-house barista, I was completely enamored with the coffee @boywithhaemoglobin brewed (pictured above), partly because it was his first time (pang chan a bit lah), partly because perfection is over-rated.

The Ugly Beautiful is the new black. Look at the anemic Tom Hiddleston (he really needs a lot more sleep, 200 burgers, and a functioning bone morrow); Benedict Cumberbatch who looks like the result of inbreeding aristocracy;  and alien-looking Kim Soo Hyun. In the 80s and 90s, these actors would never have been considered as goodlooking or given roles of male leads. Now they are seen as hot.

The moral of the 21st century belongs to what Xiao S advocates: be yourself, 做自己 and others will like/hate you. And who has time for haters? Shake it off.

Having fun while barista-ing was more important. So what if the cup was Ugly Beautiful? Besides, I believe in substance over style, and the flat white ($5.50) had a malt-like sweetness and an addictive burntness that both Mr Fitness and I liked.

hyde and co singapore review

hyde & Co SGThe food was decent too. The chilli crab pasta ($16) could be sweeter and spicier, and there was a crab shell shrapnel that might have broken my molar–but at least we now know they use fresh crabs and, as a whole, it was a likable dish. The butterscotch popcorn pancakes ($14) were too thin, but who can resist the sweetness and saltiness of vanilla ice cream, banana, butterscotch and popcorn?

hyde and co singapore Verdict: If the cafe is smart enough to harness the power of social media, it is also smart enough to create a well-roundedness of food, service, price, and decor. A good cafe on all counts. No GST, no service charge. We paid $39 for two persons.

Hyde & Co Singapore

785 North Bridge Road Singapore 198753
T: +65 9369 4369 (they take reservations)
W-M 11am-6pm

Value: 8/10
Decor: 6.5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10 (cute boys as service staff!)
Rating: 3.5/5  

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