Where to Stay in Dubai Part 3/3: Fairmont Dubai

Dubai is a small place with a long stretch of expressway, north to south. If you drive, it will take no more than 30 minutes. In this “Hotels in Dubai” series, I’ll recommend three hotels, Pullman in the south, Sheraton in the middle, and Fairmont in the north. And Fairmont is about being rich. 

fairmont dubai reviewAmong the three hotels I stayed in Dubai, Fairmont is the most expensive but also my least favorite. It is just beside the metro station, very accessible to all parts of Dubai; it is the only hotel that delivers newspapers to the room; and they provide the best amenities like bath salts and loofah.

But here are the negative things:

1. Odor: The corridor and room have an old, sickly sweet scent, and sometimes I smelled cigarette smoke.

fairmont dubai price2. Age I/ Dirt: The room and toilet are rather old. And there is scum on the shower tiles.

3. Age II/ Electronics: The age of the hotel really shows when you can’t any electrical plugs near the bed. How do we charge our handphones while lying in bed?

fairmont dubai review4. Loud music: WOAH. There is a club downstairs, and I was up on the 22nd floor. The music went on till 2am. This is unacceptable.

fairmont dubai review5. No safe: Another unacceptable factor. How can there not be a safe in a hotel room? This is also the only hotel among the 3 that doesn’t have a latch at the front door. I didn’t feel safe in the hotel.

fairmont dubai review6. Crowded gym: The gym is not small, but is crowded with 4 persons in it. I think they sell membership to the public so it does get crowded.

fairmont dubai reviewFor a luxury hotel, I think Fairmont is a shameful excuse.

Fairmont Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T: + 971 4 332 5555

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