Artemis Grill, CapitaGreen Raffles Place: Organic, Sustainable Mediterranean Cuisine With a Killer Rooftop View

artemis-restaurant-singaporePerched on the rooftop of CapitaGreen at Raffles Place, Artemis Grill offers a spectacular view overlooking Marina Bay Sands. The bar, with a 100 year-old olive tree as a centerpiece, serves alcohol starting from $10 during happy hour. A private room, accommodating about 40, is available.


The restaurant specializes in grass-fed and hormone-free wood-fired meats for carnivores; sustainable seafood for pescetarians; gluten-free produces for vegetarians and vegans–something for everyone. 2-course set lunch goes for $45, and 3- for $50.

Gambero Rosso ($28): Blanched Prawns in Tomato Consomme

We are familiar with the food by Chef Fernando Arevalo, who has trained under Mario Batali and at a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York. At Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, he’s constrained by the restaurant being an Italian steak place. But at Artemis, given a free rein, he is able to show what he’s capable of.


artemis-grill-capitagreen-reviewIn general, the seafood items we had as starters are better than the meats we had as mains. We found the spicy iberico pork presa ($40, above) too spicy, and the grass fed black angus tenderloin (200g, $45, above) a tad salty. The gamero rosso ($28), on the other hand, is umami-rich in tomato consomme, with a wicked heat of harrisa–my second favorite dish that night.

artemis-grill-singapore-menuAnother raw-ish item, halibut crudo ($24, above)–raw-ish because the fish is cooked in the acidity of the citrus, not by heat–comes in three different ceviches, with increasing intensity of spice, cumulating to the last one which tastes like a Thai green curry. Alaskan king crab salad ($28, below) is also nice, sweet with crab, and creamy with avocado.


My favorite dish, beetroot tortellini ($20/$30, below), is gorgeous orchid-purple ingots filled with feta and ricotta—an earthy and pungent mix–uplifted by the intense sweetness of the carrot puree.


To be called a grill house, the chips are utmost important. And if there is one thing Artemis is to be known for, it’s the crushed potato wedges ($13). I usually hate hate hate potato but I couldn’t stop eating the wedges. It’s blanched, pre-baked, and double-fried in duck fat. Simplest things are the hardest to make, and the hardest to impress. And the wedges are indubitably the best I have.

Black Angus Steak Tartar ($22)

Usually souffles come in vanilla, or chocolate, or passionfruit.  The original dessert, apricot and lavender souffle ($20, below), is something I’ve not seen before, and the intense sourness of apricot and the perfume-fragrance of lavender is rather interesting. I like it very much, but I can see how others who dislike sourness or fragrance may not appreciate it.

artemis-grill-raffles-placeFor those who are not charging the meals to their companies, the pricing may be a little steep, but the rent for such stunning view couldn’t have come cheap. While Chef Fernando’s food at Bistecca is rustic, here at Artemis, there is a refinement worthy of his prodigious background. Among Salt Bar & Grill, Sear Steakhouse, and Artemis–all of which have a similar concept of grill and gorgeous view–Artemis is my favorite for its originality and boldness in pairing unlikely ingredients.

Artemis Grill
138 Market  Street, CapitaGreen 40th Floor,  Singapore 048946
T: +65 6635 8677
M-F 11.30am-3pm, M-Sat 6-10.30pm, Closed Sun


Food: 7/10
Ambience/Decor: 10/10
Service: NA
Value: 5.5/10
Overall Rating: 3.75/5

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This is an invited tasting. Thanks, Marina.

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