Lijiang Restaurant by Yunnan Garden, Science Centre: 50 Years of 古老味 

lijiang-restaurant-singaporeSituated at the Omni Theatre, which is between Science Centre and Snow City, Lijiang Restaurant has 50 years of history, with its roots at NTU when the university was still communist. The hearty food shows its heritage with little known dishes.

lijiang-restaurant-science-centreFor instance, the braised pork ribs in imperial sauce 京烤骨 ($8/$25/$50) is braised in tomato sauce, celery, and citrus fruits, giving a tanginess that reaches to the cheeks. It tastes a little like tomato soup. Although it’s not for everyone, I thought the tanginess gave me a blush. And I like to look pretty.

lijiang-restaurant-snow-cityAnother little known dish 清官炒饭 is translated as “uncorrupt official’s fried rice”  ($8/$16/$26/$36), punning on the word 清 which can mean “pure” or “white.” It comprises only white ingredients, fish, scallops, and egg white, chopped to the size of the rice, so you can’t tell the difference from far. The homemade chilli sauce gives it an excitement it needed. Malaysian PM Najib should have some.

lijiang-by-yunnan-gardenTheir signature dish mala chicken ($20 half/ $38 whole) can be spicier but the skin retains its crispness.

lijiang-restaurant-jurongNot a traditional dish but a creative one, the deep fried prawn ball in Lijiang sauce 葡京虾球 ($8/$24/$36/$48) is coated in a creamy  fruity secret sauce, topped with chicken floss. It’s a little strange for me, but more open minded people than me may like it. 

Double-boiled chicken soup with ginseng, cordycep, and fish maw ($18)

lijiang-restaurant-menuBesides the 古老味 (ancient tasting), one other thing I like about Lijiang Restaurant (definitely not the location, haha) is the affordable prices and the portions. They have individual portions from $8, suitable for couples or small families, so you can try a few dishes. For example, the deep fried cod fish ($16 individual portion) is affordable and good for two to share.


Lijiang Restaurant Singapore
21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Omni Theatre Bulding, Singapore 609433
t: +65 6777 8888 / +65 6777 1989
11.15am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm

Food: 6/10
Price: 8/10
Decor: 6/10
Service: NA (tasting)
Overall rating: 3.333/5

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This is an invited tasting. 

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