Best Food in Singapore 2015 Part III: 10 Best Cafes in Singapore

From now to the end of the year, we will publish an entry weekly, celebrating the best food in Singapore in 2015.  

best-cafes-in-singapore-2015The criteria to be the Best Cafes in Singapore are:
(1) it has to provide a full meal, not merely coffee, because we can’t survive on coffee alone (ok, supermodels can but I can’t);
(2) the cafe has to be thoughtful and different. These two traits can manifest in the service, or the menu offerings;
(3) a reasonably nice environment (if not, I can scramble my own eggs at home, why go to a cafe?);
(4) reasonable prices.

These are the 10 Best Cafes in Singapore that I visited in 2015, from 10th to 1st:

#10. AEIOU Cafe

AEIOU Cafe Jalan Besar reviewThe magic of AEIOU is to transport you to another time, another place. Every tiny detail–from the food to the decor–is carefully considered. The cafe is trying to offer something different to the market–no waffles on the menu!–and it works.

#9. Hang Out Cafe

hangout cafe amkHang Out Cafe is a charming and rustic cafe, but I haven’t visited them since their move to Bugis, and I don’t know if the rough charm can translate to a town location. Nonetheless, there is heart and passion in the cafe. And the waffles are one of the best in Singapore.

#8. Paddy Hills

paddy hills sg reviewPaddy Hills is at an inaccessible location but it draws a huge following, and I can see why. It is classy with delicious Asian-inspired food, different from the usual eggs ben at other cafes.

#7. Murphy’s

murphy's sgYou only have to do one thing well to succeed. And Murphy’s does their fish and chips to perfection. Every time someone asks me for the best fish and chips, I recommend Murphy’s. Every time I bring up Murphy’s, I have an irresistible urge to fly down to the shop.

#6. Red Baron

red baron gillman barracks priceAlthough Red Baron isn’t halal-certified, the chefs are Muslims, and they told me that they get halal suppliers. Situated in a faraway land, the cafe exudes a bucolic atmosphere. This atmosphere, together with the decadent French toast, make it seem like a Sunday kind of love.

#5. Sacha & Sons

sacha and sons mandarin gallery reviewBy the same people of Wild Honey, Sacha & Sons is Jewish-deli-inspired and doesn’t sell pork, but it is not kosher. People complain that it’s a far cry from New York’s Katz. I haven’t been back to Katz for years, so I couldn’t confirm or deny the allegations. But the fact that I have returned to Sacha & Sons thrice, given that I rarely ever return to an eatery, speaks volumes for the quality.

#4. The Daily Roundup

daily roundup singapore reviewThe Daily Roundup is by the Lo and Behold Group which consists Black Swan, White Rabbit, Extra Virgin Pizza, etc. That is to say, they know their shit. The cafe serves Brittany crepes, which are as good as the ones I had in Southern France.

#3. Boufe

boufe cafe tanglin menuAlthough there is nothing truly unique about Boufe, they know what we customers want and give it to us good. The breads and confectionaries are home-made; the decor is bright, white, and marbled; the pricing is right. Boufe ticks all the boxes of what a good cafe should be.

#2. The Populus Cafe

the-populus-cafe-menuThe Populus Cafe stands out from others because the decor and menu are different. Not the insipid industrial chic, but a modern contemporary look. Not the stupid eggs benn, but a varied menu with refreshing spices.

#1. Luxe Sydney

luxe cafe singapore menuThe Sydney-based cafe has invaded Singapore’s shores, and it’s winning. I’ve been back thrice already, and the standard is consistent each time. The food has a clean simplicity that complements the decor, which makes me feel classy, even when I’m a tramp. It is rather costly, but (I think) worth it.

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