CLOSED PERMANENTLY: ADHD, The South Beach: Quirky Design, Quirky Food

adhd-restaurant-south-beach-hotelADHD at The South Beach is an acronym for All Day Hotel Dining, helmed by Chef Martin Braecker. His experience spans across 5-star hotels all over the world, including  Sheraton, Westin, and, recently, Shangri-la in India. The food is as quirky as and complements with the Philippe Starck-designed decor although some dishes are too innovative for me.

Salmon Three Ways: sour cream, balik, and Asian-cured ($32)

On the permanent menu, the truffled oxtail ($16, below) is a surprising and delectable dish, unlike the usual treatment of oxtail (stew). The breaded crust creates a crunchy contrast to the tender, shredded oxtail, zinged by the mayo. Of course, there is the enticing aroma of shaved truffle and truffle oil.adhd-restaurant-singapore-review

Another favorite of mine, the herb coated veal tenderloin (250g $56, 350g $79, below) comes from 20 week-old calves, tender and fat. Unlike other herb-crusted meat where the herbs don’t add to the dish, here the tenderloin has the freshest “green” taste, that is, if a color can have taste.adhd-south-beach-hotel-menu

adhd-restaurant-sgWhat I don’t like is, luckily, on their Xmas festive menu (lunch $25++, dinner $125 onwards). The bouillabaisse (above) is really saffron fish consomme with a hint of anise and a dollop of sauce rouille. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but it lacks the intensity of bouillabaisse and the ingredients pair like an eccentric uncle, not the cool quirky one. The country foie gras (below) is nice but it is paired with apple pie, interesting but ultimately no interaction between the two.


Berry Fields ($18): Red berry & cherry mascarpone dome

The spirit of creativity at ADHD mirrors that of the decor; the food and the hotel are compatible matches. It isn’t easy to have a twist on classic dishes, and still make them delicious–but ADHD has accomplished just that.

ADHD @ The South Beach
30 Beach Road, The South Beach, Singapore 189763
T: +65 6818 1888
12pm-11pm daily

Food: 7/10
Decor: 8/10
Service: NA (tasting)
Value: 7/10
Overall rating: 3.666/5

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

This is an invited tasting. Thanks Nicole, Jac, and Kamsin.

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