Bingsu Battle 2: Bibing @ Chinatown; Snowman Desserts @ Nex; Tom N Toms Coffee @ Tanjong Pagar

bibing cafe chinatown singapore
Melon bingsu ($16) from Bibing Cafe

I love bingsu so much that I’ve been to my favorite Korean bingsu cafe, Nunsongyee, countless times. Other than Nunsongyee, I don’t intentionally seek out bingsu, but when I walk past a place and see bingsu, I’ll enter the shop and try.

Why does Tom N Tom Coffee (12 Gopeng St, Icon Village, 078877; +66 6225 6313; 7am-12am daily) even bother? It’s a Korean coffee chain and it started to sell bingsu when the trend has come. But the red bean bingsu (I think about $10.90) is terrible. Coarse ice without any taste. They should just stick to their specialty, which is… I dunno what. Their coffee and pretzels are so so.

snowman desserts nexSnowman Desserts (Serangoon NEX #02-04/06, Singapore 556083; +65 6634 4608; facebook ) is definitely catered to Singaporean tastebuds. The mango bingsu ($14, above) is big enough for two to share and is soooo sweet, even without the condensed milk, that I felt like I was eating ice kacang. Not a bad thing, by the way.

Out of the three bingsu cafes on this list, my favorite is Bibing 비빙 (50 Smith Street, Singapore 058958; facebook). I’ve been back several times already. I often work there in the afternoons, and I am often the only customer for hours. I worry for their feasibility.

bibing singapore reviewTheir signature is bibim ($18, above), which looks like bibimbap, Korean hotstone rice, and can be shared among 2-3 people. In general, I don’t think the bingsus are very special, but the cafe tries hard, and the owners are shy but very nice.

Bibing is the only bingsu cafe I visit regularly because of the location, the quietness, and their underdog status (as compared to Nunsongyee). I think I shall carry on supporting Bibing until it shuts down. Objectively the thing you like most may not be the best, but it is the best and dearest in your eyes. Perhaps that’s all that matters in life. 

Current Ranking for Best Bingsu in Singapore… 

  1. Nunsongyee
  2. O’ma Spoon
  3. Bibing
  4. Nunsaram
  5. Snowman Desserts
  6. Bing Jo Gung
  7. Tom N Toms

We paid for our own food.

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