Cook 5 Different Soups in the Same Pot in 1 Step, and No Washing After Cooking! Perfect Every Time!

soup-stock-tokyo-rakuten-delivery-singaporeWe very seldom eat processed food—they cause cancer!—and that’s why we approve of Soup Stock Tokyo’s frozen soups. They have NO MSG, NO additional coloring, NO preservatives; they are cooked, immediately vacuum-packed, and immediately deep-frozen, so that all nutrients are conserved. Most ingredients are from Japan.

soup-stock-tokyo-singaporeThis is what you need to do for fuss-free cooking:

Step 1: Purchase Soup Stock Tokyo from Rakuten. (I’ve negotiated a deal for you. $4 off per purchase using discount code RUBBISHEAT4. Buy 2 and enjoy free delivery. Valid till 6 Feb.)

Step 2: Throw the (frozen) entire pack into boiling water for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Be the sexy domestic goddess or the caring domestic god, and serve the soups to your friends and family.

You know what’s the best thing? NO WASHING UP. I love to cook, but washing dishes is such a hassle. Cooking Soup Stock Tokyo means the pot holds hot water. Just throw the water away, and you don’t even need to wash the pot!

soup-stock-tokyo-somerset313-reviewThe Hokkaido Corn soup and Hokkaido pumpkin soup—yes, the ingredients are from Hokkaido—are so sweet, with no sugar added.

soup-stock-tokyo-singaporeMy favorite soup is the Atlantic Lobster Bisque, only available online at Rakuten, not at the retail outlets. The lobsters are freshly caught from Atlantic Canada, cooked over two days, with Japanese tomatoes and brandy VSOP.

If you are risk-averse, and find buying 10 packets of Atlantic lobster bisque at $70 too daunting, you can get the CNY promotion:

1 packet Atlantic lobster bisque + 1 packet Hokkaido Corn soup = $14

1 packet Atlantic lobster bisque + 1 packet Hokkaido Pumpkin soup = $14

1 packet Atlantic lobster bisque + 1 packet Minestrone = $14

1 packet Atlantic lobster bisque + 1 packet shrimp French curry (you’ve to cook the rice yourself, it’s like Japanese curry rice) = $14

Buy any 2 promotional offers and get free delivery. Remember my discount code RUBBISHEAT4 to get $4 off for each order (one-time usage only). Valid till 6 Feb.

soup-stock-tokyo-313somerset-reviewWhen I endorse a product, I like to be thorough, so I visited their retail outlet at 313 Somerset. (They also have an outlet at 100AM, and more than 70 outlets in Japan.)

soup-stock-tokyo-100am-singaporeThere are 4 sets you can choose from:

(a) 1 soup with choice of carb (Japanese short-grain white rice, or brown rice, or stone oven baked bread, $10.80)

(b) 2 soups and choice of carb ($12.80)

(c) 1 soup and curry with choice of carb ($16.80)

(d) the promotion set, Hokkaido crab bisque + stone oven baked bread + drink + salad ($12.50, pictured above).

There is absolutely no difference between the store-bought soups, and Rakuten’s delivered soups. The soups are distinct and slightly different from the Western counterparts.

rakuten-singapore-discount-codeLike the Hokkaido corn soup is grainy to give a nice texture and maintain the vitamins of the corn.

The mushroom soup, with 4 kinds of mushrooms, is thinner than the angmoh version, because Soup Stock Tokyo uses natural juices from vegetables, so it’s healthier and you can taste the integrity of the mushrooms.

soup-stock-tokyo-rakuten-singaporeThe curry rice is beautifully viscous but it uses NO FLOUR in their curry, so it doesn’t cause any lethargy.

There are major differences between Soup Stock Tokyo and other competing soup brands: It’s more delicious; it’s healthier; it uses premium, superior, fresh ingredients from Japan; AND the pricing is freaking reasonable. I’m officially a fan!

Soup Stock Tokyo 313@Somerset

313 Orchard Road, #B2-53/53A 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
Daily 10am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)

Soup Stock Tokyo 100AM

100 Tras Street, #02-27 100AM, Singapore 079027
M-F 11am-9.30pm (last order 9pm), Weekends 11am-8pm (last order 7.30pm)

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This post is sponsored by Soup Stock Tokyo and Rakuten.

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