Uogashi, Joo Chiat: Takeaway Shop, Surprisingly Good

uogashi-singapore-reviewWe rejected the tasting invite from Uogashi at Joo Chiat, preferring to pay on our own to give honest reviews. We ordered from Feastbump, online delivery website, paying $99 for four people, including $12 delivery fees.

uogashi-joo-chiat-deliveryBefore we found out that the takeaway shop is helmed by Japanese Chef Hiroki Saito, we already declared we liked the food on instagram.

uogashi-singapore-deliveryThe chirashi don ($12.50) is delicious at a very good value, with 9 pieces of different seafood, tamago, a very sweet stewed mushrooms, and a sweet-salty sakura denbu made from codfish. A well-balanced bowl with flavors of sweetness, savory, vinegar, wasabi heat.

uogashi-sgThe sashimi platter ($36.90), we tossed it in the yusheng we made ourselves. Good quality seafood, no complaints.

uogashi-japanese-food-delivery-singaporeWe also tried cooked food. The teriyaki chicken ($8.90) is thick and chunky and just mildly sweet and salty—another dish that is well balanced. Unagi don ($16.80) is nice too. Both comes with yellow egg powder.

Certainly, some things can be improved. The rice should be changed to the Japanese short-grain sticky variety. The tamago tastes funny. The sashimi is generic; the flavors aren’t full. It cannot hold a candle to those $400/pax restaurants. But at this price point, it is much cheaper than many conveyer-belt chain restaurants, and tastes better. We are satisfied.

Uogashi Singapore
430 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427646
T: +65 6348 6698
11am-9pm, closed Mon

Food: 6.75/10
Value: 8.5/10
Rating: 3.813/5

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Full disclosure: We partner with Feastbump, but we are not obligated to write any reviews. This review is done out of our own free will because we like the food. 

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