What to Eat in Seoul: Gae Hwa Oak 개화옥 at Gangnam

gae-hwa-oak-seoulGae Hwa Oak, also known as Gae Wha Ok, serves Korean food in its purest, cleanest form. The set lunch starts from₩55K and dinner from₩70K—both sets require a minimum of 2 people to order—but many groups opt for the a la carte dishes because the dishes have big portions, meant for sharing, at lower prices.

That’s the bad thing about traditional Korean dishes: huge portions for communal dining. When I was there alone, I couldn’t order the sets nor eat more than 1 dish.

gae-wha-ok-seoul-reviewI wanted to order the bossam (300g,₩38.5K) but the manager kindly and helpfully advised against it: “It’s too big for one person.” It’s very considerate of him, but he obviously doesn’t know me! Hahaha.

Bossam is a traditional boiled pork dish to be wrapped around kimchi. At Gae Hwa Oak, they use the famous Jeju black pork and they steam it, not boil, to allow the clean taste of pork to shine.

gae-hwa-ok-seoul-menuAnd it is delicious. By itself, the pork is soft, naturally sweet, not gamy, and not greasy at all. The kimchi is also delicious: crunchy, spicy but well-balanced.

gae-hwa-oak-bossamIt’s worth coming here in big groups. Gae Hwa Oak at Gangnam serves traditional Korean food that is clean and pure, using premium ingredients.

I paid ₩38.5K, no service charge, no tax!

How to Get to Gae Hwa Oak
Take Bundang Line (yellow) to Apgujeong Rodeo station (exit 6). Turn left at the first street, and then  turn right. Walk straight for about 75m.

Gae Hwa Oak (or Gae Wha Ok) 
661-18 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 강남구 신사동 661-18)
T: +82 2 549 1459
24 hours daily

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