Brawn and Brains, Guillemard Road: Despite Initial Misgivings, A Great Cafe

brawn and brains cafe singaporeHaving been to One Man Coffee (OMC) recently, I couldn’t help but to compare the cafe with Brawn and Brains (B&B). Both cafes focus mostly on their coffees and their kitchen space is limited; they can’t and won’t cook interesting things and most ingredients are prepared beforehand, requiring merely assembly.

I hate cafes like these. I know their passion is in beans. Their passion is hardcore and maniac, and I respect that. But as a consumer and a foodie, it’s so bo liao to visit a cafe just for coffee. I want a good meal, coffee is merely secondary.

brawn and brains sg
Earl gray croissant ($3.80), flat white ($4.50)

OMC is same same but different from B&B. While the former is mediocre, the latter is outstanding. The vibe reminds me of Australian cafes, with sunlight streaming in. A holiday kind of ambience.

The food too reminds me of Australia. Although the earl gray croissant ($3.80) is dry and lacks the fragrance of earl gray, the sandwich ($17.90) has a very clean feel. The ingredients used are of good quality, and where there is space for innovation, they create. For instance, the refreshing salad is original, a mix of rocket and spinach, a hint of mint, toasted sesame seeds, cheese, and peas. In short, the food is not surprising but it is delightful.

brawn and brains geylang
Smoked salmon toast ($14.90) with additional avocado ($3)

The coffee is also better than OMC’s. It is a good kind of sour and bitter, the addictive kind. It is also very gao, which Singaporeans love.

Although I didn’t want to visit B&B for the longest time when I knew the menu—we were nearby that day and dropped in—the fortuitous encounter along with the sunlight, the service, the food, the coffee, the ambience all conspire to give me a light foot and light heart. We paid $32 for two persons.

Brawn & Brains Cafe
100 Guillemard Road #01-02 Old S’pore Badminton Hall, Singapore 399718
T: +65 6348 8892

Food: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Service: 7.5/10
Decor/ambience: 8/10
Rating: 3.813/5

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