Singapore Food Instagrammer of the Month: Ipoh Boy, Ridzuan Khaw @Mr.Duwe

Every month, we feature a Singapore food blog or instagram: (1) to cultivate goodwill and camaraderie among the online community; (2) to encourage more people to blog and instagram about food; and (3) to empower bloggers and instagrammers through an insight and understanding to their lives.  

(Instagram = IG, instagrammer = iger)

Many igers present their worlds to be so perfect that all photos in their collections  show the same monochromatic style to OCD extreme; they desire to demonstrate how in-controlled their lives are. But if you’ve watched any utopia/dystopia films, you’d know that under that perfect veneer is a world waiting to break asunder.

Ridzuan Khaw @Mr.Duwe, an Ipoh boy based in Singapore, is different from the rest. His photos show a cohesive, organic, original, and personal brand of aesthetics that they are immediately recognizable as his work. There is beauty in his photos, derived from his everyday life, showing his personality and his lifestory, unlike the OCD igers. Furthermore, there is a streak of independence in him we find very attractive. That’s why he is one of our favorite igers. 

What does “duwe” mean?

I was first called “Duwe” by some of my seniors during high school. “Duwe” is a shortform or nickname of those named Ridzuan, in one of the states in Malaysia. I started using it as my social media nickname circa 2011 when I first appeared on Twitter. Rightfully the pronunciation is “do-where” but most say it as “du-we”. I’ve no issues with that. Sounds cuter, no?

Have you thought of setting up a blog? Why or why not?

That has never ever crossed my mind! I just don’t have the knack for writing anything more than 140 characters. Mind you, characters, not words. Hahaha

You take many different kinds of photos: landscape, architecture, portrait, fashion, food, etc. Which area do you like best? Do you treat food as one of the artistic areas to practice your photography skills or are you a foodie?

To be honest, I like landscape photography the most. Why? Because it means I would most probably be traveling for that! I actually enjoy taking photos of unique landscapes when traveling around the world like the Bayon temple in Cambodia and the Fjords in Norway. When I take a photo of the food and post it on my Instagram, it is more of sharing my meal for that day. There are a few persons I know who are very skillful in food photography but for me, I guess I am just a foodie. 😁  

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You’re a prominent iger who has made friends with igers all over the world. What are some of the differences between Singapore igers and other countries’ igers?

Wah prominent?! Where got.. Honestly, we have many things in common with them, they take architectural shots, they snap lifestyle shots and they gram their coffee at cafés. One key difference that I can point out is probably collectively, Singapore IGers community is more enthusiastic and dedicated to Instagram given that we are more easily connected through Instagram and eventually hold frequent meet-ups and do activities together. Not saying that the rest of the world are not doing so, just feel that Singapore’s community have more of that. Having so much things in common with IGers from all around the world, that’s how we actually get to connect with them and make friends with them.

I stay out of gossip as much as possible, but I do hear some about the IG world now and then. How can we prevent igers from gossiping or sowing discord? How can we form a more positive environment for everyone?

Gossips and sowing discord are just two inevitable things nowadays on social media. We can’t prevent others from doing so but we can prevent ourselves from getting into it by avoiding or staying away from it as much as we can. Avoid bad vibes if you can sense it. Do not join any unhealthy conversations, keep quiet. Be neutral. Make friends with everyone. Stay positive. These will lead to a more positive community if everyone is practicing it.

What is your favorite eatery (a) in Singapore, and (b) around the world? 

(a) The Plain @ Craig Road – the antipasti sandwich, bircher muesli and iced mocha. Yums.

(b) Kolonihagen at Oslo, Norway – I’ve been there only once but the 3 course meals I had last summer was 👌🏻.

Thanks, Ridzuan! 

Written by  and Ridzuan Khaw.


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