Eat Clean Bentos Delivery: Lean Bento @ The Arcade Collyer Quay; The Probiotic Bar @ The Arcade Collyer Quay; Spinacas @ Chinatown; Swag @ Upper Paya Lebar

What is eating clean? Well, it is a hipster term for what Japanese have been doing for centuries. It’s eating healthy, non-processed food. That means, no artificial saturated fats, deep-fried food, canned food, instant noodles, fast food, or anything with chemicals that usually comes in a packet. (If you’re super strict, you can’t even drink milk; you can only drink raw milk but all milk is processed in Singapore.)

Many Japanese bentos can be counted as clean-eating. Most salads are good too. With the right ingredients, cai fan and homecooked food are also eating clean. In this entry, we want to feature deliveries.

By the way, I lost 2kg in 2 weeks of eating clean!

Tip: Sometimes deliveries can be expensive. What I normally do is to order enough food for 3 days to cut down on delivery fees. Food can usually be kept in the fridge for 3 days. But to be safe, do a smell-and-taste test first before eating. If it smells rotten, don’t eat it. 

Lean Bento
11 Collyer Quay #02-02, The Arcade, Singapore 049317
T: +65 6750 4504
11.15am-5.30pm, closed weekends

lean-bento-singapore-deliveryOne of the pioneers in eat-clean bentos, Lean Bento makes each component in the bento from scratch everyday using whole food, pesticide-free, halal sources and home-made marinades.

Packaging matters and Lean Bento’s packaging is gorgeous. The takeaway boxes are packed to the brim so the food looks appealing.

Their bentos give you a choice of carbs: mixed grains, pasta, or broccoli (no carb). The mixed grains is sweet and have a glutinous rice texture. I don’t like glutinous rice because it causes indigestion for me.

Tastewise, it’s not bad for something low in salt but I don’t think they marinate the meat very long; the meats are bland.The 4 bentos I ate all taste somewhat similar. And they pair everything with broccoli. Lean Bento seems to be more for bodybuilders, but I’d prefer something healthy that is tasty.

Including a delivery fee of $15, deducting a $10 voucher on feastbump food delivery site, I paid $63 for 4 bentos.

Pros: They state the calories clearly in each bento.
Cons: The absences of pork and beef cater to Muslims and Buddhists but limit the choices of meat. They only have two types of meat, salmon and chicken. Maybe they can expand to other seafood and fowl like prawns and turkey. The only vegetable here is broccoli; it gets boring.

Value: 7/10
Taste: 6/10
Delivery time, packaging, portion, etc: 9/10
Overall: 3.667/5

The Probiotic Bar / Good Food Heals
11 Collyer Quay #01-12 The Arcade Singapore 049317
T: +65 6532 7121

the-probiotic-bar-good-food-heals-singaporeThe name of the shop is confusing: is it Probiotic Bar or Good Food Heals? The information on their website is equally confusing. It uses lots of words, but tells me nothing. Ok, from what I gather: the bento uses lots of fermented food, namely kimchi, which is good for detoxification, and health, and has better nutrient-absorption into the body than other food.

The photo on delivery site shows the takeaway box is packed with ingredients, but when it came, the portion is tiny, with messy ingredients, filling only half a box. I got hungry 2 hours after eating.

There are only 3 types of bento available, and 2 are vegetarian, which I didn’t enjoy. However, The Tokyo Teri ($13.80) is tasty. It comes with 36-hour marinated teriyaki salmon,very well marinated with a combination of well-rounded flavours, tangy, sour, and sweet.

Including a delivery fee of $16, I paid $55 for 3 bento.

Pros: Health benefits. They state what each bento is good for: muscle-building, or detoxing.
Cons: Confusing marketing. Unclear info. Only 3 types of fixed bentos (although you can mix-and-match ingredients yourself). Is fermented food eating clean? No nutritional calories stated. Small portions.

Value: 6/10
Taste: 6/10
Delivery time, packaging, portion, etc: 6/10
Overall: 3/5

195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace #01-55 Singapore 168976

spinacas-singapore-deliveryBy far, the favorite of the four shops featured here. It’s all about the meats.

There is no physical shop space for Spinacas that you can order on the spot. They do delivery with a minimum of $30 order, charging $4-$6 for delivery fees. Or you can order and pick up at the address above.

They try to make everything inhouse, and keep the ingredients unprocessed. Salads are made fresh daily. With 100g of meat, the salad is at $9. With 200g of meat, it starts from $13. It’s basically a combination of (a) choice of meat and (b) greens (fixed, no choice).

The meats are fantastic! They are packed in different boxes from the leaves, so the meats remain hot and can be microwaved in their box, while the leaves remain cool.

The Shiraz braised beef cheeks salad ($17) is the most expensive item on their menu but also the most delicious: sweet and tender. The bbq pulled pork salad ($9 100g/ $13 200g) is sweet and moist. The Moroccan spiced chicken salad ($9 100g/ $13 200g) is spicy and delicious. The salads are very fresh.

Pros / Cons: Their pros and cons are different sides of the same coin. It’s a pro to have no carbs in salads, but also a con: you shouldn’t cut off a food group completely. It’s not healthy.

The second pro/con: they have fixed options, so you only need to decide what meat and how much meat you want. It’s good for indecisive people but for people who know what they want, the salads cannot be customized.

Con: no nutritional calories stated. Only 1 type of dressing, olive oil.

Taste: 7.5/10
Value: 7.25/10
Delivery time, packaging, portion, etc: 8.5/10
Overall: 3.875/5

Swag Salads and Wraps
1 Irving Place, The Commerze #01-26, Singapore 369546
T: +65 6341 6126
11am-8pm, closed weekends

swag-salads-singapore-deliveryThe salads and wraps are slightly cheaper than elsewhere and they are packed beautifully. They came as indicated in the photo. They even label the sauces for the salads properly, unlike other shops.

It tastes good. Ignore the seafood type of salads, and go for the meats. The Southern pulled pork salad ($9.90) is the most delicious. The wraps are also good, packed very fully and thickly, and they are surprisingly filling: just eat one for lunch. I usually don’t order anything with smoked salmon because I can buy it cheaply at wholesale shops; but I recommend the Salmonlicious wrap ($11.50) because it’s packed with spinach, high in zinc, calcium, and protein, all good for muscle-building. But the main reason is I really like spinach; it’s tasty!

Including $10 delivery fees, I paid $71 for 4 salads and 2 wraps.

Pros: Packed beautifully. Slightly cheaper than others.
no nutritional calories stated.

Taste: 6.75/10
Value: 7.25/10
Delivery time, packaging, portion, etc: 8.5/10
Overall rating: 3.75/5

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