Edge, Pan Pacific: A Complaint About the Marvelous Sunday Champagne Brunch

edge-pan-pacific-reviewMy complaint with the expanded Sunday Champagne Brunch at Edge Pan Pacific is that there are way too many luxurious food dishes that it’s not possible to eat everything twice when I wanted to!!

edge-pan-pac-singapore-sunday-champagne-brunchCaviar, my love!!! Just give me the whole pot!

The 4-hour brunch has 7 interactive live food sections, with 16 stations of premium items, and 3 cocktail bars. There is also a new caviar bar, alongside the cold seafood section, featuring freshly chucked Canadian and French oysters and Alaskan King crab, so sweet and juicy that Mr Fitness returned for 2nd round after going through the entire extensive buffet. 


For starters, there are beautifully plated salads, of which one looks like a turf of grass; terrines; and a myriad of cheeses, including raclette, a rarely seen item at buffets. (Not a fan of raclette cheese, so I didn’t try it.)

edge-pan-pacific-sunday-champagne-brunch-menuMy favorite section, the Western food, serves some usual brunch items, like eggs ben, bacon, sauted mushrooms, jumbo burger, and sausages, but no way was I going to waste my calories on commonplace brunch items. The truffle mac & cheese is fantastic because they use REAL black truffles, not truffle oil, as you can see the black specks. The mild truffle’s fragrance balances the cheese exceedingly well.

edge-restaurant-singapore-buffetThe hay smoked baby lamb is displayed as one whole lamb, a memento mori, both gruesome and awesome, and may scare off even the staunchest carnivores, but on the whole, the roast items are good, especially the roasted chicken, crispy and juicy.

edge-pan-pac-sunday-brunch-reviewAngel hair pasta with truffle and caviar. We topped up with more caviar from the caviar bar!

Still on the Western food section. I liked the handmade duck tortellini doused in a mushroom sauce because I witnessed the cook putting the dough through a hand-churned pasta machine. I’m a sucker for anything handmade; if there is a “handmade” word on the menu, I’ll order the dish.

edge-pan-pacific-sunday-buffet-reviewThere are also unlimited foie gras, and a live cooking station with halibut and ohmi wagyu beef! Unfortunately for us, the ohmi beef is overdone.

edge-pan-pac-reviewThe Indian section is innovative, using premium ingredients as a twist, such as the crab briyani, and lobster curry, but unfortunately, the crab doesn’t help the briyani and the lobster has a mushy texture. We’d like more spices in the food.

edge-pan-pacific-sunday-buffetThere are several dishes at the Peranakan section, but we only tried the classic ayam buah keluak, which pleased us. The buah keluak, which some may know as the black diamond of the East, is already dug out of its shell, sitting in a bowl. I can get used to eating buah keluak off a bowl!

edge-pan-pacific-singapore-buffetThe Chinese section is so so, but the braised pork belly is umami-max. I heard the Cantonese roasts are good, but we were too full to try.

edge-pan-pacific-sgFor Singapore/Malaysian fare, there are duck sataycrayfish sataylaksa, and chilli crab. Some around the table thought the tai lok meen could benefit with some lard, but the noodles are very smooth, and since the buffet is already heavy, the absence of lard makes this dish lighter and more refreshing than it usually is.

edge-pan-pacific-singaporeMany hotels outsource desserts, because it’s much cheaper. But Edge makes the desserts themselves. Quite good. The choux is airy, as it should be. The pistachio cake is a delight. Soft chocolates, matcha and passionfruit, are nice. Passionfruit tart is perfect. People complain about the matcha waffles (stiff and cold!), but I thought it is edible. The (macerated?) banana goes with everything.

edge-pan-pac-buffetPear tart

BFF Paul once told me that Edge is the best buffet he has been to. I haven’t been to all the buffets in Singapore yet, but I’m pretty sure that Edge will definitely be one of the best. Nothing is terrible here; most items are good and some are excellent. The spread is wide ranging, and though it is expensive, it is also value-for-money. I wish I am anorexic, so that I could eat, and puke, and eat more, and puke, and eat, eat, eat again again again.

Edge at Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard, Pan Pacific Singapore level 3, Singapore 039595
T: +65 6826 8240
Sunday 12pm-4pm
Sunday brunch price: $118++ (without champagne), $178++ (unlimited Veuve Clicquot)

Food: 7.25/10
Service: 8/10
Decor/Ambience: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall rating: 3.781/5

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