These Top 10 Food Trends Are Ruling The World In 2016!

top-10-food-trends-in-the-worldFirst half of the year has already passed and a lot of trends have taken over the globe by a storm. Amidst all trends, there’s one that has evolved more than ever and has become insanely popular on social media this year. Yes, we are talking about food! We would suggest you to buckle up your eating pants as we take you on a deliciously insightful ride of 10 most popular global food trends.

We have researched and compiled a list of most popular types of foods globally accepted, the flavors people are craving for this year, and the trends that have resulted in food evolution more than ever. Join us as we delve into the top 10 macro food trends ruling the world in 2016.

1. The Shift to Fresh Food

Consumers are indulging in increased fresh food purchases, both locally and online. Due to this tremendous shift of consumers towards fresh food, this trend tops our list of most popular food trends this year. Social media has played a vital role in this shift as people across the globe are making solid endeavors to spread the benefits of eating fresh.

2. Gluten Free Food

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, some oats etc. In the past few years, more people have become aware of the fact that consumption of gluten rich food leads to many autoimmune disorders. So, more people across the world are now searching and devouring gluten free food. It makes ‘Gluten-free’ the new food trend that many food manufacturers are adapting and is likewise being well accepted by consumers across the globe.

3. Rethinking Organic Food

People across the world are becoming more health conscious than ever, which is why the number of people choosing organic and natural food products is ascending. The consumption of processed food is still huge across the globe but a substantial number is already mindful of the benefits of natural foods. The wide acknowledgment of internet shopping, simplicity of finding an organic item online (Bestorganicfood, Organicdelivery to name a few Singapore specific organic sites) and the convenience of online coupons/discounts without the need of haggling have additionally persuaded people to rethink organic food.

4. Demand For More Asian Food Products

With Chinese food, Thai gourmet, Sushi, Japanese food sustaining its popularity across the world, we just cannot miss to mention that Asian foods are winning the world over. The demand for more Asian products is on the rise.

5. Product Heathifying

In the past few years, even some of the biggest brand names have been accountable for food adulteration which has increased the familiarity of ingredients amongst consumers. So, one of the biggest food trends this year is of brands being involved in product healthifying. For a huge number of people, adhering to a healthy diet is even more essential than eating low calorie food. This has additionally made obligatory for popular brands to indulge in natural and healthy food manufacturing, and has further made this trend quite mainstream in 2016.


6. Saving On Food

The trend of finding warehouse stores to repackaging half utilized things astutely to make them last longer, to adapting the phenomena of online coupons; the new trend to save on food is making waves far and wide. Online stores like Giant, GoFresh, Redmart and so forth have made it all the more easier for people to save on food products with numerous daily promotional offers. With regards to saving money on food, a pattern that has turned out to be immensely prominent this year is saving money by means of saving platforms. If we talk specifically about Singapore, saving platforms like Bigsave, Cuponation, Mycashback etc have become quite prevalent with online customers because such platforms provide snappy access to daily saving opportunities for free. Across the globe, people are making use of such saving platforms rigorously than ever before.

7. The Smartphone Search on ‘What-do-i-eat’

The trend of pulling out smartphone to search a quick healthy snack, learn a new diet recipe, a take on recreating traditional dishes or may be searching something else related to food has become extremely popular this year. So, we just cannot miss to include this revolutionary food trend in our rundown. This trend is also helping people to learn about the benefits of many functional foods which have been there around for decades, yet are not shrewdly utilized as a part of our daily food habits. According to google trends, the number of people across the globe searching and learning about ingredients like honey, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, cumin, bitter melon, ginger, kefir etc. is on the rise.

8. A Different Meal For Everyone

This year additionally has brought along an eating pattern that has probably changed how families used to dine together a couple of years back. Mothers over the globe are picking fiber rich suppers, where in fathers are being served more vegan, and the kids are being kept away from gluten. There’s a huge chance that on each plate being served during a family dinner, there’s likely a different meal depending on the age, weight, or health constraint of each family member. Let’s all thank to the technology at our fingertips, which has clearly made people around the globe much mindful about what they should feed and be fed.

9. More Elimination Than Addition

Rather than adding new foods, people are now more concerned about which foods should be eliminated from their diets. People are focusing on healthy living more than ever, and it is why they are learning to eat right, healthy and fresh. The concept of searching for foods that are harmful, learning about ingredients, benefits of functional foods etc. is leading to a lot of elimination of bad foods and unhealthy eating habits. This is again a fantastic food trend that 2016 has brought along.

10. Vegan Or Nothing

2016 is being alluded as the year of vegan on the web as more individuals around the world are deciding to stay away from non veg food and animal-derived ingredients. Foods like seaweed, fermented foods, carrot lox, nutritional yeast, jackfruit, oats etc. are gaining immense popularity worldwide. By choosing plant based eating habits, people all over the globe (including celebs like Ellen Page, Alicia Silverstone, Chrissie Hynde) are happily turning vegan by choice, which has made ‘GoVegan’ a mighty food trend in 2016!



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