Fuel Plus+ Cafe, Morse Road: No Remorse Going All the Way to a Quiet Scandinavian-Decorated Cafe

fuel-plus-cafe-singaporeWe heard from several foodies that Fuel Plus Cafe at Telok Blangah (at the foot of Mount Faber) is one of the better cafes to open this year. It took over the space of the now-defunct 93 Degrees C Coffee, and it is a damn ulu space. It is so ulu that there are kampong chickens roaming at the grass patch in front of the cafe. (I wonder if they catch and cook the chicken.)

It’s so ulu that the nearest mrt, Telok Blangah, is two bus-stops away, and if you’re driving along Telok Blangah road, slow down and look out for Wishart Road. If you miss it, good luck.

fuel-plus-cafe-menuFuel Plus+ is the sister cafe of Refuel Cafe at Bedok Reservoir Road. While Refuel Cafe spots an industrial look, Fuel Plus+ has a Scandinavian feel with its whitewashed walls, cement floors, and copper lamps. It is a relaxing cafe, surrounded by greenery, as if forgotten by time.

fuel-plus-menuThe menu, we were surprised to find, is rather extensive for a small cafe; there are more than 40 savory items and 6 desserts. The menu is also divided clearly into sections like egg, and small bites, and mains, and pastas. At a glance, you’d know know which section to narrow in on.

fuel-plus-cafe-reviewThe menu has classic items as well as several interesting Asian-inspired ones, such as soft shell crab curry ($17), which many order, tom yum seafood pasta ($16), soft shell crab burger ($15). But we eschewed those for a classic beef ragu pappardelle ($18)

fuel-plus-cafe-telok-blangahAlthough the pappardelle is undercooked and crunchy, the pasta has an overall pleasing sour acidity from the tomato sauce. The carrots may have been braised in vinegar, and turned out to be, well, vinegary, not sweet. The beef chucks are generous and still have a bite; it’s not super duper tender, but we like it that way.

fuel-plus-cafe-morse-roadThe ultimate French toast ($14) is pretty good too. In between the thick slices is a thin layer of nutella. It comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, thick and doesn’t melt easily. I heard from a chef-owner that ice creams that don’t melt easily are good quality.

They get their coffee beans from La Ristrettos, and strangely I much prefer Fuel Plus’s coffee to La Ristrettos’s. The ice latte plus ($6.50) is a fun way to drink coffee. The espresso is frozen into ice cubes, and they give you warm milk to pour into the glass, so that the ice melts. The medium-bodied coffee here has a pleasant, nutty bitterness.

The whole bucolic experience was very lovely for us until I checked their facebook to research for this review. Apparently, on weekends in Nov, they are giving out free waffles when customers spend more than $30. We paid about $39 for two persons, but we didn’t get any waffles. I wish the service staff could have reminded us.  lu-gi. :(

But in any case, this is a cafe worth checking out. The food is great, the servers are cheerful and look like they enjoy their jobs, and the surroundings conspire to slow down time at this cafe. Next time when we revisit the cafe, I want to get the babyback ribs ($19) and the slow-cooked beef mac & cheese ($17).

Fuel Plus+ Cafe
16 Morse Road #01-207, Singapore
t: +65 6352 0768
weekdays: 11am-9pm (closed Tue), weekends: 10am-9pm

Food: 6.75/10
Price: 6.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Decor/Ambience: 8/10
Overall: 3.469/5

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