Event: Sunshine Bakeries Is Sharing the GIF of Love at Mandarin Gallery. Free Prints, Goodie Bags and Win $500!


img_0699Sunshine Bakeries is having an event at Mandarin Gallery 24 & 25 Dec 12noon – 10pm. And they are playing Santa Claus. They are giving away 5 cash prizes of $500 each! There are 458 entries as of this writing, so there’s a good chance for you to win.


img_0689This is what you need to do:

First, take photos at the photo booth and Sunshine Bakeries will turn them into an animated GIF, like all these yandaos, chiobus, and lovely families:



And then, Sunshine Bakeries will print out the photos for your friends and you, like this:


At this point, you have the option to log into Facebook and Instagram to post the GIF. Don’t worry, this yandao helper will make sure you have no problems posting.

img_0690When you upload the GIF, hashtag #SunshineGIFofLove and tag them on Instagram or on Facebook. That’s it! Very simple. Every step of the way, there are Sunshine’s little helpers to guide you. They really want you to win $500.

img_0685But if you decide you don’t want to log into your account at the booth, don’t worry, you can still win $500. You can just post the photos later like these happy campers. Just remember to hashtag and tag Sunshine Bakeries when you upload.


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And after everything is done, you get a free loaf of Sunshine’s Canadian Sprout Extra Fine Wholemeal Bread. By the way, they are giving out 24,000 loaves of bread, and the bread is baked freshly everyday to give out to us!


img_0702Why is Sunshine promoting the Canadian Sprout Extra Fine among its many products? Actually, Sunshine Bakeries is focused on baking healthier breads to meet the modern demands. And Canadian Sprout is only one of them. There are also Premium Extra Grain, Low Sugar Smart-Carb (which I bought a few days ago, and it’s almost finished, see photo below), Australian Oat Soft Grain, Premium Whole Grain White, and Enriched Softmeal.

img_9311I strongly urge everyone to visit the event. In fact, after I visited it, I whatsapped my friends immediately and informed them to go.

fullsizerender-1(Sorry for the blackouts. I wasn’t anticipating that I would post the conversation here and I black-out the parts that I was overly enthusiastic.)

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