Prosperity Is In the Air: McDonald’s Prosperity Burger Wants You to HUAT From 2016 to 2017

img_9326On 29 December 2016, the Prosperity Burger is returning for the 12th year! Some of you may say, “Wah, so early? We just celebrated Christmas.” Eh bro and sis, you know Chinese New Year is on the 28th Jan, that’s only a month away.

I look forward to eating the burger yearly because I want to HUAT HUAT HUAT. I’m superstitious that way. I remember one year, my family’s reunion dinner was at McDonald’s. It was the best CNY, good old times.

img_9319Ok, back to the burger. The Prosperity Burger comes with option of beef or chicken, single or double patties. The beef and chicken patties are dipped in generous servings of fragrant black pepper sauce, topped with crunchy slivered onions and served in-between soft sesame seed buns.

What I like about the burger is that the bun does not go soggy even though the patty is drenched in a good amount of black pepper sauce, giving a nice textural contrast. Juicy and so shiok. I feel lucky, I shall go buy toto soon.

img_9325The Prosperity Twister Fries are also back! Is it only me or do you also find that the spirals look like cascading gold coins? Sweet and savoury, the seasoning gives it an edge and makes it very addictive.

img_9322Oh, and this year, McDonald’s is launching 2 additional exciting sides, Sweet BBQ Drumlets, and Gula Melaka Mcflurry with Rainbow Bites, because for Chinese New Year, you must be 甜甜密密 (sweet like honey) to have good luck for the rest of the year. I haven’t tried the Gula Melaka Mcflurry yet, but I’m definitely excited to get my hands on it.

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